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[b]DirectConnect Made Easy by WickedJuggaloz[/b]

Okay, I see alot of people having problems figuring out how to use DirectConnect so I thought I would make this little guide to help everyone out.

First, think of DirectConnect like Napster. Is is so simple to use that within 5 minutes you will be getting fills and even whole games. Of course you need to get the program so visit [URL=***********]*********** and download the newest version.

Once installed you are then prompted to enter a username, email address and connection speed. You then want to fill in where provided what types of files you are sharing. If you are just sharing Dreamcast then you can enter the names of the games in there. Next you want to click on the FILE TRANSFER tab and select what directories you want to share and where you want downloaded files to go. You can also select the number of slots you want open (this is how many different people can download from you at any given time). IMPORTANT ... if you are running a firewall you will want to click on the CONNECTION tab and select PASSIVE MODE instead of ACTIVE MODE. You can leave it in ACTIVE MODE if you want but you may have to shut down your firewall to allow any search results to come through. Click on OK and then YES on the disclaimer.

Okay, now we are ready to download some files. Automatically the Connect box should pop up with three folders ... FAVORITES, PUBLIC and RECENT. To start click on PUBLIC and it will display all active hubs with the most populated hub being at the top. Now since this is a Dreamcast forum we will just be concerned with the Dreamcast hubs. Find a decently populated Dreamcast hub and double left click on the hub name to join it. Now that you are in a hub what you can do to different things. You can look at the list of all the people in the hub on the right and when you find someone you want to "connect" with and share files just double left click on their name. Now here is where everyone becomes confused and think it isn't working. If a connection window doesn't open within 20 seconds it meant they don't have any slots open and just try someone else. Sooner or later you will connect with someone and be able to download their files. HINT - at the bottom of the screen click on the DOWNLOADS tab then if you can't connect to a name it will say NO FREE SLOTS so just go onto someone else.

Now here is where it becomes fun. I don't connect to people from the list on the right very often because you can find the files better just by searching for them with the SEARCH button. What is so nice about this is you just type the exact name of the file you are looking for (etc. e-spdman.009) and you will get a list of all the people in the hub that has the file you are looking for. Now the important thing to remember is to check how many slots they have available, if they have available slots and the file then go right ahead and double left click on it to start the download. Do this for every file you need and if you can't find the file you need try a different hub.

Well, that is about everything you need to know to start downloading files. Through any feedback by other members or this forum or the mods I will be happy to update this as needed. I hope this answered alot of questions and makes it easier for those to find the files they need.

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