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Default CD-R as a backup medium ? [IBM clone; ; win2KPro]

Before I had my system re-formatted, I saved all files to CD-R.
including programs. I had a Proxy server which I'm trying to re-install, but the CD-R says "read only". I don't have a CD for this program because I downloaded it from the net.
Question: Can I re-install this from my back-up CD? Or do I have to go on the net and download again?
I have a license for Wingate and know they would let me download again, but I want to know if I could get the system up and running from my backed up CD. Also I need to know if it would have been better to use a CD-RW to accomplish this?
Can anyone answer these questions?
Thanks for any help.

BTW - my CD drive is Sony CD-RW CRX185E3. I used an imation 700 MB CD-R for saving the information.