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420, i like this as much as you do, and i don't take any of this personally don't think that. I hope you don't mind if I try to sort some things out:

- you implied that CDRWin can duplicate the protection on PSX games, whereas it cannot If it could, there wouldn't be a need for release groups to patch most of their releases at all.
-->I didn't say that, I even stated cdrwin has the advantage of applying patches. You're right about that last part.

- the tracks <4 sec
-->I have proper hardware, but i believe you when you say that it is more a hardware than a software issue. I'm not going to argue with that. But i noticed CDRWin doesn't make problems about these tracks, when using correct settings (was it subcode ****ysis? i don't remember, i changed from cdrwin to nero some years ago)(which proves as well i prefer nero, as i don't use it any more).

The issue with the TOC makes absolutely no difference at all regarding PSX. The games will work perfectly when burned with either piece of software
--> I didn't say it wouldn't work, I only mentioned you have to check the option in nero. but that protection is no longer used i think, as it is too easy to overcome

--> ever tried to copy an audio disc with cdrwin? I tried it once, all i heard on the copy was noise and cracks. I don't blame it on stability, but as general issue. I know as well only few people have encountered this malfunction.
about nero, which is under normal conditions very stable ( as it never crashes) but when you misplace jumpers (master/slave position) nero doesn't recognise what it should. I know it's my mistake, i should have set the jumpers correct, but cdrwin went on copying.

- but MANY other programs will allow you to rip a CD to BIN/CUE format. Also, if we are talking about downloaded games in BIN/CUE format, Nero can burn these just as well as CDRWin, whereas there is no way that CDRWin can burn a Nero image. And ... if you want to make your backup directly from an original, you would use CloneCD (assuming compatibility) - not Nero or CDRWin ... it would be foolish to do so.

-->I used these proggies in ages clone didn't exist. So don't compare. Nowadays, you're completely right. I use clone as well. Far more betta than nero (but only when it comes to video game backup and pc games - not audio or selfcompiled data)

and finally - i didn't fed any misinformation - and i didn't stated these were facts as well - i was just giving people my opinion so they could think the whole thing over - like they should. Never rely on anyone's advice, people, try and learn yourself. but giving them something to think about is worth considering

I am waiting for a reply, 420