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Default DVD-RW crashes XP the moment it tries to read a file

I have an ASRock P4VM800 motherboard; a new Seagate SATA hard drive; a new Pioneer DVD-RW Drive (DVR-116D). The hard drive is the Master on the primary SATA connector and the DVD-RW is the master on the primary IDE ribbon. There is no secondary ribbon plugged in to the motherbboard, and no other device on that IDE connector. I recently did a clean reinstall of Win XP Pro and have very little software loaded beyond Online Armor and Avast Home edition. I have no other devices installed beyond an Ethernet cable for internet access. Everything seems to be working fine, except....

The DVD-RW drive shows up in Device manager, with a current transfer mode of UDMA4. I can write to a writeable DVD, but as soon as the drive starts to read a file it crashes. The screen go black and the system reboots. If I leave the disc in the drive it never boots up. if I remove the disc it will boot normally.

If I put a commercial DVD in the drive, it crashes as soon as it starts to read it. If I put a home-produced data disc in the drive - CD or DVD - as soon as it starts to read it crashes.

The computer was put together by a local store three years ago, which store disappeared. It's been more or less working since then, although not too well. At first the DVD writer (a Samsung model) worked OK, both for reading and writing, but as time went by it worked less and less until finally I couldn't even boot the machine at all. Sorry to be vague with the "working less and less" but I don't remember the details too well. In the end I replaced the DVD drive and then XP would at least boot. I didn't bother to even use the drive beyond being relieved that XP would boot. A few weeks ago there was a Win config file problem and I ended up getting a new hard drive and starting again. Now I'm trying to fix the DVD-ROM read problem.

There are no obvious BIOS errors (any more!). I can't find anything at all online about a drive crashing on read only.

Anyone got any ideas?