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Default Need Help Connecting To Xbox Different Problem

Few days ago i have connected to my xbox and backed up C:/ and then installed evo-x dashboard. Now everytime i boot i get to evo-x boot screen which is great but the problem is now i cant connect to my xbox with my PC.

I have 2 nics and ones ip is and other one i use to connect xbox to is I tried both of those and also tried changing the last digits adding 1 to 18 and 124, but i still get connection refused.

I dont know what was the IP i used to connect the 1st time so i'm ****ed now. I cant connect to change to old C:/ and start over and also i cant do **** with it now. My question is is there any other way i can connect to my xbox, oh and i logged in with FlashFXP last time. IF not the my xbox is shitbox? right?

any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.