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Default How to Convert DVD to MP4 for Mac with Mac DVD to MP4 Converter?

In many video formats' perspective, DVD video is inflated and inflexible. Besides, frequently playing DVD video can greatly shorten the lifespan of your DVD player or DVD-ROM. A proper solution is to convert the DVD video to video files on your hard disk to overcome the shortcomings of DVD video. MP4 is an ideal format for DVD-like picture quality and compact file size, while [b]Leawo [url=***********]DVD to MP4 Mac Converter[/url][/b] is the fittest tool to make such MP4 files from DVDs. To enrich video enjoyment on the go, [b]Leawo [url=***********]DVD to MP4 for Mac[/url] Converter[/b] furnishes lots of MP4 profiles for iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Apple TV, etc.
Download [b]Leawo [url=***********]Mac DVD to MP4 Converter[/url][/b] from here. You are recommended to first get acquainted with the software with this simple guide in a minute.
Launch [b]Leawo Mac DVD to MP4 Converter[/b]. On the home interface lie four parts: [b]Menu Stripe[/b], [b]Standby List[/b], [b]Built-in Player[/b] and [b]Conversion Control[/b].
Click "[b]Add"[/b] and select the DVD-ROM drive with DVD disc inserted. Another option is to import IFO files from VIDEO_TS folder. Then the titles and chapters of the DVD movie will be shown on the list. If you have multiple DVD-ROM drives, you can continue to add DVD movies to the list.
In this step, you can select DVD [b]subtitle[/b], [b]audio[/b] and [b]angle[/b], select titles and chapters to be ripped, as well as to [b]preview[/b] the DVD movie in the built-in player.
Leawo Mac DVD to MP4 Converter provides optimal MP4 presets best for common purpose, which are located in the [b]Profile[/b] dropdown box.
For Advanced users, Leawo Mac DVD to MP4 Converter offers extended codec settings. You can set Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio, etc. Custom settings can be saved for personal use.
With Leawo Mac DVD to MP4 Converter, you can edit the video easy and fast. Choose a DVD title or chapter and click [b]Edit[/b] on the [b]Menu Stripe[/b] to open video edit window. Click [b]Crop [/b]to get rid of any parts unwanted.
Click [b]Trim[/b] to trim video length at millisecond accuracy.
Click [b]Effect [/b]to adjust audiovisual settings of Brightness, Contrast and Saturation.
Click [b]Watermark [/b]to create stylish text or add an image as watermark on the video.
Return to the home interface and click [b]Convert [/b]to start DVD to MP4 conversion.
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