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There is really end to anything because of economy or rather people would be out of jobs..One minute Intel pops out 2.4ghz CPU and then month later 2.6 or possibility of 3.0ghz(Which I'm holding out for, until then I just use my current Dual Mp 2100)will be out..I guess same thing with consoles..PS2 is good but Xbox and Gamecube is trying to compete with the PS2 so Xbox has to be dropped to $200.00..I'm guessing but Gamecube will fall to $149.00..Likely..The Value of this message is you buy one thing today, tomorrow your console or whatever it is will be outdated due to something else pops up next minute..
As for PS3 I predict a huge line again like PS2 was on the first day..Or something more disturbing fact is that someone from Ebay paid about $2,000.00 for the PS2..Whether the transaction finished or it, I don't think it's worth it!! Period! I'll stick with my messiah PS2's for now..