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Default wireless-b router help

ok, I have a used linksys wireless-b router. I do not have the set-up installation CD. All of the settings are on the default settings, but more on that later. I hooked it up properly to the cable modem and all of the lights are working fine. On my laptop I can get on the internet for about 2 mins, then the "cannot connect to server" page comes up but im still connected to the linksys router but not receiving any packets. About 1 min later I lose connection with the router all together. Its connected to a computer also, the computers connection lasts for about 10-20 mins then gets choppy and "cannot connect to server". When I try to access the page it goes to it and a password screen pops up. I leave the username blank and for the password I type admin. It works, but when I try to change something or go to another tab, the password screen pops up again. This time when I type admin for the password it will not take it. It just flashes back up instantly again after I press enter. Whats wrong?