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I have just got my 105 and it came with 1.21 firmware. The yellow tops work on mine. Also the 4x Datawrite white tops, datawrite 2x grey tops and the purple 1x bulkpaqs all work. I just spent £60 on 40 4x printable surface datasafe made by ritek and £30 on the builkpaq greentop and none work. Have sold on green tops and will have to take the remaining discs back to computer fair for exchange. Just ordered 20 datawrites and 50 yellowtops. Try and borrow some discs of your mates to try or buy a selection box from the disc sellers. I 've wasted £90 so far. Stick with the ones that work. If you can get a reliable 4x disc its worth the extra money for the 15min burn time. I have 1x discs for setting away when I go to bed or out to work. I got P i s s e d of waiting for 1 hour for my 105 to chuck it or to complete and have a disc that dos'nt work. Best of luck mate