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Default Re: Whats the best burner to get?

[i]Originally posted by 2seconds [/i]
[B]i need to copy .bin files to cd+g with cdrwin

i was thinking of getting a plextor 24x

will this do all i need to?

i already have a tdk 24x but it wont work with cdrwin. [/B]
This is all the hardware you will need, as the Plextor 24x is on the CDRWIN approved list for both reading and writing.

BTW, with a reader that will read CD+G, whether it's approved by CDRWIN or not (your TDK may suffice), you can use PlexTools or Plextor Manager (one of these should ship with the Plextor burner) to copy CD+Gs on the fly.

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