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[i]Originally posted by clintloop [/i]
[B]Hi Ps2Daddy,

All of my computers are XP and they report the full size of the dvd, however it says "parameter not correct" whilst trying to copy anything in the latter 2gb of the dvd. Funny enough windows me on my laptop reported the disk being 1.99gb...

I plan to purchse some better dvds, possibly datasafe 2x write ones from, since the apple ones worked ok.... I will then use the Bulkpaq dvds for dvd movie or long svcds...

In roxio toast, I could not find any reference to dvd options at all? I am using the latest titanium version...

Both my ways of burning using a part windows file system result in this 2gb error? I am not sure if there is any other ways of burning pc dvds on the mac?

Ps2daddy, I really appreciate your help, I would not have considered ever trying to burn a pc dvd on a mac again if it werent for your advice, thank you very much for your help.

I will keep you informed of my findings and as ever I would welcome any tips you have on pc mac dvd burning... How do you do it?

Will keep u up 2 speed,

Clint [/B]
In toast look at the forth window on top that has a file cabinet with "others" written on it the right click and choose dvd from the pull down menu that opens and drop your files in the window and burn

Look at for burning dvd movies on your pc and for the mac
start here