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I had the VCD card for the 1st gen PSX model. Played VCD's ok. Pic quality was full screen, slightly blocky in scenes from what I remember. Not as good as the Saturn VCD card, but then again, the Saturn played most VCD's with huge borders.

Had a few options like selecting between each left and right audio channels (needed to watch those dual language VCD's), but there was only a FF function - you couldn't jump to a certain part of the film by entering a certain time, you had to bear with the 4x or so FF. The video input was a bit fiddly as well - if using the official PSX scart, it had to be inserted into the card upside down, and you had to twiddle the lead until you could get a picture. Don't know if this was corrected with the later VCD cards.

Can't remember if it played CDR backups (I only tried it on VCD silvers at the time).

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