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i searched on google how to do this and found this site to be the most helpfull, it worked fine with my old laptop and i could go on live whenever i wanted. then that laptop broke so i bought this one and couldnt remember how to set it up so i used this site again and it all worked fine, for 1 day, then the next day i tried to connect to live again and it wouldnt allow it, so i checked all the connections and theyre all the same, ive been trying to figure it out ever since but i just cant get it to connect, it still says my IP is the problem. its really been annoying me so i decided to sign up and ask you guys for help, if anyone can think of anything i may have bypassed or something please let me know, or let me know of everything that should be ticked or something, maybe a firewall problem or something i really dont know so any kind of help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.