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My friend has a laptop with Vista. They connect to an unsecured Netgear router (which as of this moment IS secured..i accessed the router config and added WPA and a password to the router itself. Most likely the person has no idea that their router is broadcasting much less that other people USE their unsecured wireless connection or that someone added security, but thats besides the point).

My xbox 360 is connected to the laptop via cat5e cable and the laptop is using the wireless connection which is bridged to the ethernet port to share access. The xbox connects to Live quickly. When i try to play Halo3 thats where the problem happens.

I expected to get a certain degree of lag due to the unknown quality and congestion of an unsecured router. (which is why i added a WPA key) But the problem isn't lag. I was kicking *** in a game when all of a sudden the game dropped out on me. I thought it was because the owner might have noticed lag or a lot of data transfer and unplugged the router but that wasn't the case, as the laptop still had connectivity.

Could it be because it was run over the laptops bridged wireless adapter-to-ethernet port, the fact that i WASN'T using a crossover cable, or some other reason which causes the xbox live connection to drop out after 5 minutes of play?

This all started out as an experiment to get my xbox online for free but now its turned into a mission for me.

any experiance with this or suggestions/answers are appreciated.