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... and Fuji also use Prodisc. Ho hum.

However Ritek really is your best bet as they are cheaper and you will always find a Ritek dye on a Ritek disc
Nope. Ritek own Gigastorage. Gigastorage formulation is different to Ritek. They are similar, and both decent quality, but they are different. And even if you buy a Ritek brand-name, it's no guarantee you won't get a Gigastorage product. I bought some Ridata discs recently that were Gigastorage.

So, a disc with a Ritek MID may not have a Ritek dye at all.

There are also one or two Chinese factories producing cheap media with a Ritek MID. These discs are poor.

Never make the assumption that, because a media ID program tells you a disc is made by a certain manufacturer, that it really is, because it isn't always the case.

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