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Default Need Software Recommendation

Last year I purchased a Ulead DVD maker product (can't recall the exact name) which for the most part did what I wanted. I wanted to create a DVD slideshow of pictures. I wanted to have control over the amount of time each picture was displayed, the pan and zoom, and the transition effects. I wanted to add my own audio (music). It did all of this, but whenever I try and burn a DVD it crashes.....and I remember reading some consumer feedback where folks had the same issue.

I am sick of throwing away DVD-Rs, So I am looking for new software. I would like the ability to use clips of audio - for instance if I only wanted the middle portion of a song. It would be great if I could fade out and in with new audio at the same time (mix). I would also love to incorporate short video clips from my digital camera along with the audio that it captured.

Any suggested products would be greatly appreciated!