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Q: I don't have a modchip. Can I still play backups?
A: Yes... If you are too poor to buy a modchip or don't want to buy one for whatever reason you can use these methods...

Note that is recmended you buy a modchip!

[B]No Modchip Swap Methods [/B]
These will open the disk drive tray.

[B]How to unclip the front door of the disc drive [/B] [I]Originally posted by TUBS - November 2000 [/I]

Get a small flathead screwdriver (like the one you get in those micro screwdriver kits)

The front of the drawer tray is simply clipped on at each end... So, taking great care, ( with the tray open ) unclip it with the screwdriver. Take caution! Otherwise you might snap off one of the clips!

[B] COG method [/B] [I]Originally posted by TUBS - November 2000 [/I]

Firstly unclip the disc drive tray (shown above)

There is a small hole at the bottom of where the tray was. It's about 2/3 along, if you look in there you will see a white cog. You might have to move the PS2 under a light to see it, because it is only a small hole.

Then using a screwdriver turn the cog a bit at a time towards the front of the PS2 (With the PS2 in a flat position, the cog turns clockwise.) It is a bit stiff but it will turn OK.
If you are turning it the right way you will see a white plate above where the disk is start to move, keep turning... Out pops the tray.

[B]KNIFE method [/B] [I]Originally posted by TUBS - December 2000 [/I]

(3 Steps)

Firstly unclip the disc drive tray (shown above)

Step 1: Close the disc drive. If possible get a small flash light. Shine a light underneath where the disk tray is With the PS2 in the horizontal position, about a third from right, you will see a white pin.

Step 2: Using a plastic knife slide the pin to the far right, and the tray will pop out.

Step 3: After you have swapped disks, push the tray firmly back in and, using the knife, make sure the white pin has moved as far left as it can go.

[B]For DVD Region X users... (By SpaceMonkey) [/B]

Put the "dvd region x" dongle into slot 2

Put your ps2 mem card into slot 1

Load the "dvd region x" boot disk.

At the main "select the region" screen use the knife swap method to open the drive tray.
(do not use the x button or the eject button)

Replace the "dvd region x" disk with your backup game.

Push the drive tray back into place
(dont whack it back in, be carefull)

Now move the white locking pin back into
position (from the right to the center)

Press "start" on controller 1 and the game will load.

The above swap methods DO save you warranty.

[B]How to perform the swop trick using the Action Replay 2 cheat cartridge (only for PSX/PS1 backups) works on UK/US PS2. [/B]

Remove the front of the disk drive tray (above) insert your action replay 2 into one of the memory card slots, turn on your PS2 and insert disk 2 of the disks that come with the AR2. Flick through the boot screens and select any cheats you may want ect. When you get to the screen that prompts you to open your PS2 and insert your games disk. DO NOT press the eject button, instead, use the 'cog' method (above) to open the drive. Once you have got the disk out, swap disks for a PS1/PSX backup. Firmly push the tray all the way in and close the tray, making sure you turn the cog or move the white pin, until the disk is locked in. At no point upto now should you have touched the eject or power button.
Now you may change the AR2 for your PS1/PSX memory card, if you wish.
Hit the 'X' button and play!!
Takes about 30 seconds to do, so although it might be a bit of grief doing it for every game, it might save your guarantee.

[B]RegionX Boot Method (By Maildodge) [/B]

Yesterday I thought I might be able to boot copies by changing certain files on a game so it thinks it is a DVD movie but then loads a game. Today I tried the idea with no luck.

I then started to push every button my controller. Everytime 'x' was pushed it would normally load the DVD but this time only froze. I then tried it again and accidentally pushed 'select' it then took me to another screen stating my DVD Player was not compatible with DVD Region X and asked to enter key. I thought nothing of it and went back to the menu screen.

I then pushed the 'start' button, again accidentally. This then restarted the DVD Region X CD. Then it hit me what if I perform swap trick then push start. So I decided to use my PS2 tool from: *********** and put in my Fifa game from: ***********

I then pushed the Start button and to my surprise it loaded perfectly. I then thought it would only load games like AR2 (all those below 488mb) But I decided to test MTV 2 (did not load with AR2) this also loaded fine. Next I went one step further and decided to try Starfighter (the game nobody can boot without a chip) and to my surprise it booted fine. Just to make sure it worked I decided to play the first level and it did not have one glitch.

All day I have been testing differnet games and did not come across no problems except for F1 2001.

I looked at this game in my computer and saw that it was 684mb, I looked at Starfighter and this was 630mb (something like that).

So I decide to test the limit of the 'Region X Boot' AR2 limit was 488mb so I thought this one must have a bigger one.

Firstly I added a dummy file to Fifa 2001 so the Fifa movie was just below 650mb. This loaded fine. I then went to the next step and added a dummy file so the movie was at 680mb, the game loaded but crashed when it was supposed to load the movie.

This means the 'Region X Boot'has got a limit around 650mb. This is fine for most games but if any game is over this size it will only require one small movie file to be ripped.

Because I cannot read the CD in my drive I cannot be sure of the exact size.

There you go. That is how you load most if not all copies, I mean backups

The only thing I am still unsure of is the 'select' screen as it states my DVD player is not compatible I am unsure whether this makes a differnece to booting copies.

Method Used: 'Region X Boot'

[B] Thanks to Mailedodge and SpaceMonkey for the above booting methods[/B]