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Default Is it technically possible to format a USB flash drive to emulate a bootable CD?

Hi all,

This may not be the right thread, but I'll hope so. Is it technically possible to format a USB flash drive to emulate a bootable CD?

This may sound crazy, but there's a reason! Making a bootable CD and having it work on any strange computer is a piece of cake because the Torito Boot Standard is used industry wide. Making a bootable USB stick that will work on any strange computer is problematic because there is no industry wide USB Boot Standard.

I've been banging my head on this for about a month now, trying to make UBCD4Win work on a 2 gig SanDisk Cruzer Titanium USB pen-drive. I won't relive that here, but the short is that I can and did build it as a bootable CD and it works like a dream, but I still want it on the pen drive so I can carry it in my pocket.

Sudden inspiration: I can extract the 2048 byte boot sector from the CD and save it as Drive-E.NoEmulation__Segment-0000__SecCount-4.bin. Is there a CD or Disk editor that will allow me to format the pen-drive as a CD with CDFS, and write that boot sector to it?. If all that were possible, couldn't I then just burn the iso image from my bootable CD to the converted pen-drive and have it work the same way as the CD, after setting the computer BIOS to boot from CD ?

I know this may seem like a big waste of space on the flash drive, but being able to boot it on any computer reliably as a bootable CD, and carry it around in my pocket, would be worth it to me in my work