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Question "My Computer" history in Internet Explorer???

I just got a new rig with Windows XP Homewhich comes with Internet explorer 6. So far I haven't had too many problems with the new OS, but one thing bugs me. This may have been around before, but I never noticed it. Suddenly I find that when I open the IE History, nestled in amongst all the other history of my browsing, there is a section entitled "My Computer" which has a history record of everything I have done on the machine. Folders opened, images viewed, etc. What's up with that??? What has any of that to do with "Internet Explorer" and browsing?? and how can I stop it? As far as that goes, is there a way to completely eliminate the IE History function?

Danged thing spies on me enough as it is without having to constantly open IE to erase the history every time I turn around in order to protect my privacy!

I don't use IE for image viewing. I have a program called ImageEye for that, so why is all this in the history?
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