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I've put all my history folders onto a ramdisk.

Everytime the computer shuts down, everything is lost from the ramdisk!
Then, when windows (XP Pro) starts up again, the OS finds there are no history directories so makes some new empty ones on the ramdisk and the cycle restarts again.

Because the data isn't being held on any physical disk but only in ram, it makes it extremely difficult for anyone to recover the information - it would take some very expensive equipment to physically ****yse the electron migration of the ram chips to recover any data and even then it's virtually impossible!

It even speeds up browsing because everything is cached to ram which is much faster than the hard-disk!

To top it all, the ramdisk is free!


To quote the site...

[i][b]The AR RAM Disk is a freeware driver for Windows NT (XP) or Windows 2000. You can use this driver to create an additional drive in your physical memory. This drive can be used for storing temporary files (but not limited to), which can increase your system performance[/i][/b]
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