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Burn speed is dependant on two things 1. the qualityof the media and two whether or not your burner is compaitable with that media. right now DVD media is like CD media was when CD burners first made their appearance. some burners burn particular types or brands of media very well and other brands dont produce good burns at all.

there are several apps which allow you to determine the quality of your burns on different media and so you can then make an informed choice about which media to buy.

Nero has a built in app in nero toolkit "CD/DVD Speed"
Plextor has "PlexTools Pro"
and there is an excellent standlalone app "DVDInfoPro"

if you have Nero then run the tests in CDDVD Speed to see how well your burner performs with your choosen media. if you dont have Nero then check out DVDInfoPro.