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The problem with this game is that it will only run if the Xbox is switched on with the disk already in the drive. It's as simple as that.

I have an original copy as well as well as numerous backups (burnt before I realised what was going on). They all behave in the same way including the original. You will probably find that your backup will run if you put the disk in, close the tray, and then cycle your Xbox power. My original copy will only run in this way regardless of whether my chip is switched on or off.

I have checked but nobody has a solution to this or perhaps nobody realises there is a problem. No amount of patching the game works either. This is the only game I have ever found that checks in this way - let's just hope others don't follow.

So, to recap, simply make sure your backup (or original) is in the drive when you power up your Xbox. Incidentally, I have found that my Xbox is not phased by media types - it is happy with everything I have thrown at it so far (Samsung).

If you come across a solution which will allow it to run from the HD, please let me know!

Anyway, enjoy the game. I for one think it is very good - each to his own.