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OK, I can answer your questions, no probs. I was merely trying to offer advise that its not as straight forward as cd burning.

>>If I buy the A03 where is the cheapest place at the moment

I believe Nokia Needs does them for £280. I havent seen cheaper.

>> Which Discs should I use for PS2

Verbs / Apple work fine, but are expensive. Again, Nokia Needs offers a cheap alternative at £2.50 a go.

>> Which discs for films.

I havent had any problems with unbranded dvdrs for films or anything other than PS2.

>> Best /cheapest place to buy discs.

Nokia Needs. SVP Communications.

>> Should I definitely change my H/D to NTFS on XP or can I keep my ME.

Yes, it is most likely you will need to create files over 4Gb.

>> Once I have made 1 copy of a film or PS2 game can I then do a disc 2 disc copy of the first one.