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Meh. Just buy some *real* media, ie Verbatim or something until NEC finally sort their drive out.

If people were that bothered about their data they wouldn't be using bulk Taiwanese media of any type would they?

Actually, this is a serious point. With MCC Verbs, true Maxells and even TYs becoming as cheap as they are now why bother with bulk media at all? Looking at the price lists this evening this suddenly dawned on me. Cheap media, £7 for 25, much cheaper than MCC so if they work, perhaps worth scrimping for some purposes. £25 for the good stuff, including cases which are worth 10p each, bringing the effective price down to £22.50. But £16 for Riteks. That's only effectively just over £6 difference.

I mean, when the good stuff was £2.50 each I could understand it, but an extra 30p a disc? 'Specially since the Verbs burn better at 8x on the 2500A (and in general for that matter it must be said) than Riteks do at 4x......

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