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Angry PCI IDE card problem - Slow CD transfer [DIY; ; winNT4]

I'm using a PCI IDE card mainly to connect a newer hard drive to a older motherboard that doesn't support large sized drives. I have a CD-RW & DVD drive connected to the motherboard IDE connectors. This configuration worked but I can only get a MAX speed of about 19X, with and without the DMA enable on these drives. I know this motherboard and these drives have returned much better transfer rates when tested with CD Speed in the passed. I started thinking that maybe the PCI IDE card somehow interfeared with the motherboard IDE ports. I tried removing the PCI IDE card and using a older hard drive with the CD drives connected to the MB secondary IDE port. With the DMA enabled on these CD drives I was able to get above 19X and to the MAX specification of the drives. So, I proved that the PCI IDE card was somehow slowing down the MB IDE ports. While experimenting I found that the following configuration would also return MAX transfer rates:

1. The PCI IDE card install
2. Boot hard drive on PCI IDE PORT 1
3. CD drives on MB secondary IDE port,
4. A second hard drive connected to the MB primary IDE port. (This makes it work)

I sure don't know why connecting a second HD to the MB primary makes a differance but it does. It seems like Windows 98 is not turning on the DMA when only the CD drives are connected to the MB.
Note: I tested all this on a second system with a different motherboard, PCI IDE card, hard drive, and CD drives and of the same results.

System #1:
Windows 98SE
Mother board: DFI K6BV3 (VIA chipset)
CD Drives: ARTEC 16X DVD (DHM-G48), LiteOn 52x32x52 CD-RW LS523217S
PCI IDE Card: Promise ULTRA 100 TX2(updated with newest firmware)

System #2:
Windows 98SE
Mother board: Shuttle HOT-569 (Intel 430TX chipset)
CD Drives: ARTEC 16X DVD (DHM-G48), TDK 48x CD-RW
PCI IDE Card: Maxtor ATA133 (Uses Promise chip)

Any infomation about this would be very helpful. Thank you for your time.