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Default Constant "Blue Screen Error"

Over the past few weeks, my computer has become rediculously unstable. it starts up slow, and sometime after it starts up, i cant do anything. othertimes it will start up and when i try to do somthing, itll just give me the "blue screen of death" or freeze. i tried last known good config but it didnt do anything. i also tried system rerstore but for some reason it only goes 2 days back. right now im running in safe mode and everything is fine. what could the problem be?? also when i press ctrl+alt+del and go to process, i some something likr "scvhost.exe" running like 8 times. i habe also notice that in the documents and settings folder that there are about 4 different users (******.NETWORKING folder or something like that) that i dont remember being here. any help is greatly appreciated.
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