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Angry CODE 10=not recognizing mouse/keyboard!! HELP!

So I recently received help on fixing my CD-ROMS (fixed) then asked for help on installing a new DVD-ROM (eventually figured it out) but I fear something screwed up; all of the sudden my keyboard isn't being recognized nor is my mouse.

I use a PS/2 mouse and a PS/2 keyboard. The weird thing is that when I start up windows, the keyboard lights up and does it's normal thing, and if I click "Delete", it will take me into BIOs and it works and what not. However, once it gets to the "Windows Loading" page or whatever (I'm using XP), then the lights flash off and it is no longer recognized. Under device manager, there's nothing there about keyboards. When I unplug and then plug in, the lights flash on and then off. And nothing (The unplugging/plugging is done while the computer is on and I'm at my desktop).

For my mouse, under device manager it just shows the icon for my mouse but also has a yellow triangle and when I click on it, it tells me the device cannot work (Code 10).

The only reason I was able to find this out is because of my Wacom drawing tablet; it's plugged in via one of the USB outlets and I'm using the drawing pen as a temporary mouse . However, I can't type anything so I can't go into the searchbar or anything on Google to look it up so I'm using another computer.

Any suggestions? I have tried to uninstall the mouse but nothing came of it once I restarted my computer (it was just back with the same yellow alert sign once I put the mouse back in). I've tried two other mice and the same thing. Same with my keyboard and the same flashing on and then off (once put into the computer when my computer is at the Desktop) happens (I've tried THREE different keyboards ).

If anyone can help me...that would be WONDERFUL. I know that if you've seen all my threads, you're probably wondering why this computer that I turn to once MINE goes completely haywire hasn't just somehow died XD haha well it would but but!!! If someone can help me fix my computer, I'd be so grateful!!!!!!

Thank you!