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[B]Burning PS2 Games[/B]

[I]Straight Burning[/I]
Buring straight copies of PS2 games is quite simple, but first you're going to need a few things.
1. Make sure you have a DVD/CD Burner installed in your computer.
2. Make sure you have a burning application installed, such as [URL=***********]RecordNow MAX[/URL] or [URL=***********]Alcohol 120%[/URL].
3. Ensure you use quality media, such as Ritek or Princo (Princo A Grade will work fine on almost all consoles burnt at a slow speed).
4. Burn at slow speeds! - avoid using 'On the fly'.
5. In some cases, depending on your console you may need to patch the ISO's in order to boot.
6. Have fun.

When ripping full DVDs of games, you are obviously going to need a DVD-Rom drive to first read the disc.

Most games whic can be ripped, have already made Rip-Kits available - which include user-friendly Graphical Interfaces, (very simple to use) and usualy include instructions.

One site to obtain all the latest rip kits is: