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[B]Can my console play CD/DVD-RW discs?[/B]
In most cases the answer is no, but everybody's console is unique, I suggest trying for yourself.

[B]Can I play PS2 Games on my computer?[/B]
There are applications which apparently allow you to play demos, but in short the answer is no.

[B]What's the best brand of CD/DVD-R?[/B]
Your console is unique, I suggest testing brands for differences in noises & play, however most people vouch for Verbatim CD-R & Ritek DVD-R.

[B]What is the Diagnosis feature on my console?[/B]
The diagnosis feature was implemented for the use of watching movies, it is meant to update the consoles DVD Drivers accordingly to fix any problems with specific movies.

[B]Help! I have forgotten the parental lock code[/B]
At the request screen, simply press 'Select' and type in 7444
to override the previous code.

[B]Will modifying my console really void my warranty?[/B]
Yes, as soon as you remove the warranty sticker on the back of your console, your warranty is void.

[B]Will playing backups ruin my laser?[/B]
In the long run, playing CD-R rips will shorten the life-span of your laser, however in most cases this won't happen for 1-2 years.

[B]What do I need to play online?[/B]
A Sony [URL=***********]Network Adapter[/URL], an internet connection & an online game.

[B]Can I play backups online using my Network Adapter?[/B]
All new games have a protection known as DNAS, (which looks for a modchip, or a copied disc) which does prevent backups from being played online. However a work-around is still in progress for this. (For more information on the work around [URL=***********]Click here[/URL])

[B]What is DNAS?[/B]
Basically it's a protection which looks for the disc ID (which cannot be copied) & any bios alterations. (such as a modchip) - If there's any fault it doesn't allow the game online.