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Originally Posted by TreFacTor
1- no one here would ever use a product as lame as game copy pro (who needs a special program to copy discs in this day and age)

2- if it doesn't do what it states, why bother with it?

3- if your referring to making a copy of an original xbox game, then the answer is no. it make make a copy but it will not run on an xbox.

in order to make a backup of a game work on the xbox, it needs to be modded. then you can copy of an orginal from the xbox itself. you don't need anything special, just a dvd burner, and your favorite burning software. alcohol 120, clone cd, nero, literally any burning software will burn the img,iso,nrg you create.
To quote your opinion, I want to voice my own.

Game Copy Pro is and does exactly what it implies. If you need to make backup copies of all your games or if you only own one. Because it's always nice to have extra copies in case something happens to the original.

And yes it is possible to copy games with out the Game Copy Pro software but a person would need to know if not have tech a degree to do it.

Thats the whole purpose of the software, so anyone can make backups without having to pull their hair trying to understand the inter working's of their console. Plus it saves allot of time.

Please copy and paste this link into your browser bar to see a review of Game Copy Pro [url]********[/url]

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