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Firstly you'll need your movies in a DVD acceptable format. So you may need to re-encode the original file. See Doom or dvdrhelp for guides.

Then you need to author your DVD formatted movies in something like Spruceup, DVD Maestro, etc. Again see those sites on guides how to do it.
The menus can be a bit daunting but if you use something like DVD Wokshop which has a nice front end its easy.

Make sure when authoring that the overall size will fit onto a DVD, or alternatively 'write' the DVD to your hard disk and then use something like DVD2One to compress the entire thing so it'll fit.

Not quite an idiot's guide , but with a bit of reading its fairly simple. Don't try putting too many movies on a disk or the quality really starts to suck, I limit myself to 2, sometimes 3.

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