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Unhappy How can you make a Dongle speed up ?

Ive recently bought a Dongle to connect to the internet, for i've left my city to go to the coast to look after my mother whose been very ill this year, an who doesnt want the internet installed via her phone-line - an tho it works, it doesnt work too quickly - so i wonder what ideas there were about for speeding one up, no matter small the improvement.???


1. would be attaching it via an usb extension lead help, as i could dangle it out the front window an so it face less signal blockage?

2. are their settings in my IE web browser an my winXP op sys that i could adjust?

3. is their signal booster i can plug in?

4. should i remove some of my operating system network protocols that arn't needed as they may be interfereing somehow to slow it down a bit?

5. an other ideas ???