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Also tried this guide and it didn't work.

Networking xbox to pc using 2 network cards (aka Ethernet cards. NIC’s) (v0.1)
Tutorial written by : grantdawg aka b legit

According to the forums there are a lot of people having trouble doing this. So i’am going to try to write a nice tutorial to help you people out. This is my first tutorial.

What your gonna need:

1 or 2 network cards ( NIC’s ) ill being referring to them as NIC’s from now on.... you’ll need 2 if you want to be connected to the internet at the same time that your connected to your xbox.

1 crossover cable. very important you have a crossover cable. This is how you know if you have a crossover cable take the 2 male ends of the cable put them side by side. if the colored wire patterns are exactly the same it means you have the WRONG cable. You know if you have the right cable when the wires looked mixed up. or in a different pattern compared to other end. make sure of this. its a very crucial part.

an xbox running evolution x

a copy of flashfxp.

What you need to do next is configure your computers ip address’s.. so go into your computer network connections and go into the properties of the nic that is connected to the internet. check off obtain a IP address automatically.

now for the nic that is connected to the xbox. going into the properties. check off use the following IP.

Next, where it says IP address, enter: Where it says Subnet Mask, enter: , and where it says default gateway enter

next while still in the properties of the nic. click on the configure button.. then click on the advanced tab. then click on network media and set it to 10baseT full duplex.

now your computer should all be good to go.

now you want to startup evolution x and go into the system settings a get your IP address. its usually something like that. make note of it.

now you want to fire up flashfxp

Flash FXP:
1. Download this program
2. Open it up and click on “Site Manager” then click “new site”
3. Name the new site whatever you want, (My Xbox, Xbox, etc.)
4. Go to IP and enter the IP you got from evolution x system setting menu
5. The port should always be 21
6. your username and password will both be “xbox”
7. Hit the “Options” tab and click off passive mode COMPLETELY.
8. now apply. and the connect

this is all you should have to do get it to work. check the forums for more help.

Any ideas?????