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Default A comparison of softwares that can remove DRM and convert DRM

In this article, I will discuss softwares that can [b]remove DRM[/b] and [b]convert DRM[/b]. DRM stands for digital rights management. It claims to protect digital media from piracy. However, DRM does nothing to stop copyright pirates. The main purpose of DRM is financial. It prevents lawful user from making back up of purchased music and enjoying music on third-party players. It may also cause some security issues, because DRM controls your computer, automatically connects to Internet.
I prefer to remove DRM from my purchased music so I can enjoy my music without estrictions. Here are some softwares that can help you remove DRM and convert DRM.

Digital Media Converter

This is my favorite DRM removal software. In fact, I only use this application to convert DRM files now. It can perform all types of conversion including video to video, video to audio, and audio to audio. It is the only software that can remove DRM without recording and the conversion speed is very fast. Highly recommend.


I used to use Tunebite before I found Digital Media Converter. Supporting many formats is its advantage. Its disadvantage is it can only remove DRM by recording, so the conversion speed is slow and I canít do anything else on my computer during the conversion process.


Another software that uses the recording method. I think there is a bug in SoundTaxi. It starts converting even though the convert button is not clicked.


********** acts as a virtual CD burner. It adds an icon to the system tray and can only be used within a player.

In summary, SoundTaxi and Tunebite work by recording while Digital Music Converter directly converts. The results of this difference are Digital Music Converter needs less time to finish converting and you can perform other tasks when using it. Tunebite and Digital Music Converter both support many formats, however, Tunebite needs lame_enc.dll to support mp3 or it can't work with mp3. In my opinion, [b][url=***********]Digital Music Converter[/b] is the best choice to remove DRM and convert DRM.