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Okay I think I am on to something. Did a full brand new install of XP Pro. Installed the GiveIO. Dip switches in on position. I run wmilk and I get error on erase using a new energizer battery. Change the battery to a Walgreen's generic and it erases but then times out at programming, same result with another off brand. COuld everyone tell me the exact name of the battery they used in the programmer. I ahve tried each three seperate times with same result. In my previous post I showed what xodus suggested. Believe it or not I notice a difference in the size of the battery. Energizer Pile Alcaline ($3.29) is fatter and does not seem to want to work, while the low end battery ultra alcaline ($.79) is thinnner (also much easier to remove from programmer) and seems to get me farther. Let me know what exact batteries were used. THX
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