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Below is a banner link to a freeware site which many here will benefit from.
It's a website i created a few years ago, so as to help web surfers by aiding their time at the PC, by way of some useful programs that can make life easier, or fix problems, an with all thats there being free to download.

Itís a simple straight-forward site of free software, that helps rather than hinders people lives, unlike the those damn Ďpop-upí adverts for example! So I hope you all benefit in some way from what Iíve made available here - ********

But if you know of similar programs which I could also make available there, then let me know of them, like send me a message about it, an Iíll try to upload it to my site for others to benefit from as well.
I say 'try' however, because due to technical reasons, any recommended program must be less than 1mb in size for me to safely store it.

PS - all stored files on-site are: virus-free, complete, tested to work, an are not illegal.

Thank you for your time.