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Default A Tutorial on MDF and MDS files and etc

A Tutorial on MDF AND MDS would be nice. I do not know much about these but i saw one for the first time today for a Ps2 game i was trying to back up cause anytime my cousin comes over he breaks them so i thought ahead and decided to only play backups when he is here and hide the real ones. any way from what I gather it is like and Iso file or simular to one perhaps thats what someone told me. they can be alone like just MDF or with just MDS. The one I have is MDF with MDS Aswell. they are in a .RAR Multi volume acrchive
Also a Tutorial farther explaining bin files. I know there in one on the Ps2 faq but do the same rules apply when there are 2 files. most 2d fighting games are either ISO and Bin or ISO and cue or Bin and Cue combinations. and sometimes are featured in multi volume archives.

Also would you please explain is there a reason that everyone just does not use a simple multi volume archive iso image. cause with those i can burn the games with the same DVD burning program my PC came with. and its is simple with servent salamander Plus with you download that program with the 2.0 fianl 2.5 final then the 2.5 beta then the thing will never expire and you can continuely convert Iso images. which is funny cause the progrma has been telling me since may 1st that its is expired but still works.
anyway i am done rambling and ignor puncuatuion in this post cause i did.