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Question Laptop upgrade help!!! [Avant Tech - From ASUS; L7200; winME]

Ok, here's the problem... I recently upgraded my CD drive on my laptop to a CDRW/DVD drive, that was quite easy to do. Now my dilema is that I have been looking into upgrading my display... I currently have a L7200 laptop built by Asus, but was distributed from Avant Technologies [URL=***********]( here ) . I have looked all over the web, but I've been having trouble finding out who makes the case for the laptop because I want to upgrade the display to a 13.3 inch display. SO...I'm hoping that there is someone out there who knows of a site that has laptop display shells for sale, or who knows which computer company ASUS bought their cases off of. Maybe there's a way to find the manufacturer somewhere inside the laptop itself? I have no problem with opening the case, but I prefer to do it as few times as possible!!! Here's a picture and some infor about the laptop: [URL=********]HERE

So, to reiterate - if anyone knows where a laptop LCD Display shell can be bought for this computer, PLEASE TELL ME!!!!! I know where to get the display, but all I need is the shell for the display. Thank you for your help,
- Bryan