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Question Nero error

Ok so this is the deal. I have been using nero for 3 years now and all of a sudden it will not allow me to burn my movies onto DVD. GRRRR! This error appears>>>> NOT ABLE TO WRITE TO DISK-AT-ONCE ON AN OPEN DISK!!!!! What in gods name does this mean???? I tryed defraging my hard drive, uninstalling and reinstalling NERO, slowed down the burning speed, but still the same error! What happend to it??? I contacted nero and all they did was send me a stupid annomated e-mail, that never helped me at all. I'm lost. It will go through all the encoding, until it's time to burn, then it spits out my cd , and this error comes up.What's makin it all wacky all of a sudden? HELP PEOPLE, PLEASE. My computer is full of home movies that r takin up

Extremly desperate!!!!