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Get yourself something newer (which I see from another post you are trying to do) and then use this one to experiment with to really learn what makes a PC tick. If you screw it up you haven't lost anything. They gave a bunch of old 486 and early Pentium PC's away at my wife's workplace and mine so I got about 6 of them ( some were just partials ) and took the best pieces from each and built a couple from the pile of parts as a practice run to building myself a "good" PC. I wiped the BIOS clean and brought them back from scratch, it was a blast except that I had to endure scowls from my wife since I had them spread all over the living room for about a week ! It also proved to be invaluable training for upgrading and maintaining the family PC and then building my son a decent 700 Duron machine from upgrade leftovers and bargain bin goodies.