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Default pc/net problems... HELP [home made; ; winME]

there are certain sites which I try and access and get redirected to a **** site which has numerous pop ups, I have pop up filter so I don't get the pop ups but I still cannot access the site I originally want and closing this new site that opens up is quite difficult
what do I do?

Next, I've never understood the whole "do you wish to debug" thing... I thought it'd go away when I got the new IE but instead, for some sites, its much worse! One forum I use, every time I push a button or type one letter I get the prompt meaning I have to press yes/no in between each letter I type.... that can't be normal

Finally, what's the best website host for a .com site. I've been with Lycos but they're ****in' me around so I'ma make my old site(s) redirect to a new .com. Want a lot of bandwidth and a lot of server space