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Old Jan 23, 2002, 01:14 AM
Nicolecdg Nicolecdg is offline
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Default Need some idea about DVD karaoke

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any ideas about Karaoke DVD?

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Old Jan 23, 2002, 03:18 AM
Keymaster Keymaster is offline
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First, I believe it is inevitable that DVD Karoake will replace CD+G Karaoke eventually, as DVDs will eventually replace CDs as the digital medium of choice. This will occur when the cost of the media drops and DVD players penetrate the market. Only then will it be cost justifiable to produce DVD Karaoke at a marketable price. I'm sure that the company has enough market research data to realize the potential of the the market. It also has manufacturing cost data. So it just becomes a matter of when they project they can earn a profit producing DVD Karaoke disc.

The remaining issue is what form the DVD Karaoke will take. Over a decade ago, Pioneer introduced LaseDisc Karaoke with pretty much the same technological capabiltiies as DVDs. The content of these disc was not only diigital CD quality audio, but full motion videos superior to videotape. Unfortunately the cost of producing a single song with the video production, was more than the market wanted to support.

Karaoke singers weren't interested in watching video performances since Karaoke was for singers and those that wanted to watch the live karoke singers perform. CD+G karaoke songs could be produced without videos for a fraction of the cost of LaserDisc songs with videos. The market demanded more variety in songs, not more elaborate productions.

What this means is that DVD Karaoke would be very risky to try to produce as music video productions, but would make sense to produce with many more songs per disc due to the greater capacity of DVDs and songs aimed at the home market since there would be many more potential Karaoke disk players in the market base.

The cost of producing these songs would not be significant, since the audio for most of these is already digitally mastered and the lyrics would be easily transfered from CD+Gs as well. In other words there is no great development cost in simply transfering the current content and repackaging it for DVDs. In addition new content for the child and religious markets (and other markets that can't be reached in Karaoke bars) would provide additional opportunities.

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Old Jan 23, 2002, 06:49 AM
karaokestar2001 karaokestar2001 is offline
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I do believe it comes down to the production of the video. It ok to transfer current CDG songs to DVD but who is gonna ditch their current CDG discs and buy DVD? your market would just be people who are just setting up!

If Laserdiscs where still being produced for Karaoke then I would still be buying them. The difference in sound quality between a Laserdisc and CDG disc is in my opinion immense. You can test out my theory by playing a Sunfly Laserdiscs against an early Sunfly which was mastered from the LD. You can certainly tell. You could always trust Sunfly LDs to be excellent quality as they spent time on them. Sunfly CDGs are rushed out and the quality has varied. There are still not great nowadays.

Video is good to have as they do catch people's interest. Some of the sunfly video's where great, created with the theme of the song in mind. later ones where crap as they reused old video.

I have some original artist Laserdiscs (Queen, Bee Gees & John Denver) and they go down a treat.

There is a market for DVD Karaoke but only if there is a noticeable difference between them and the CDG. A robust DVD player, New songs, more tracks on a disc, value for money and SOUND QUALITY and you will have a market.


Old Jan 23, 2002, 07:39 AM
gooty gooty is offline
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Most people nowadays have a dvd player in their home & the popularity of Karaoke has increased substantially. In my opinion karaoke in dvd format has only 1 distinct advantage, that being that people will be able to participate without having to buy a spe******t CDG player. As far as the capacity of the DVD discs, this is irrelevant. As mentioned above, it would not be realistic for people to pay considerable sums of money for a single disc containing a large content of tracks (especially as the disc being broken or stolen is an issue aswell as the price). I would expect hard drive storage to be the way of the future or even on a cartridge so as to stop piracy (lol).

But then what do I know?
Old Jan 23, 2002, 12:26 PM
Keymaster Keymaster is offline
Join Date: Nov 2000
Posts: 12,246

I agree that the form and content of DVD Karaoke is still to be determined. But it wouldn't have to contain the equivalent to 10 CD+G disk to be feasible. One of the decisions a CD+G producer must make now is whether to offer only about 10 songs and two versions of each, one with and one without the lead vocal. Or just offer 20 songs without or 20 multiplexed songs. This problem would be solved with the greater capacity of a DVD, and would justify the slight additional cost of producing a DVD versus a CD. How much more would it actually cost to mamufacture a DVD than a CD, $1 US (and even less in the future)? Forget the fact that it can hold 100 songs, it doesn't have to to be cost effective, if you just put 10%, 50% or 100% more songs on a single disk it will justify the additional cost of manufacturing a DVD.

As far as the issue of people ditching their current CD+G to purchase DVD karraoke, why would that be neccessary? If professional DVD Karaoke players also play CD+G disks in the future you could just start purchasing DVD Karaokes. Why can't you have both, I know Karaoke DJs that still carry their LaserDiscs with them.

On the LaserDisc quality issue, I think the market has already voted on that one. Although there are some who appreciate the value added of the video and more elaborate audio productions, the resulting LaserDisk were selling for 3 to 5 times what CD+Gs sell for and the market was not willing to pay. Even Pioneer who has already invested in the videos, has opted to re-market the songs as CD+Gs. No doubt they would resurrect the videos for DVD karaoke, but I wouldn't expect them to start new productions. It is true that the songs themselves were also done with more quality, but this had nothing to do with LaserDisc vs. CD+G, it was simply and expectation that Pioneer could charge $100 US per disk (over a decade ago) for the production. I know musicians who worked on some of these disks and the major complaint was that had to play every note of the song precisely like the Album track before it was considered a "wrap".

As for paying considerable sums of money for a single disks, as stated earlier this would not necessarily have to be the case, since the cost of producing a DVD would not be substantially higher than the cost for a CD+G, and the DVD doesn't have to be filled with 10 albums. However, there is a possibility this could work as an advantage, provided there was a way to protect against defective media such as an exchange policy for damaged media. Lost or stolen media is not as great a problem since insurance can be purchased, and a trunkful or van full of CD+Gs can be stolen too. The fact is It is not unusual to by collections of CD+G as "Bricks" or "Series". It would be much more convenient to purchase, carry and use DVD Karaoke this way. Instead of carrying 200 CDs, 20 DVDs would be much more convenient (you could run a small show with a 5 disc changer).

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