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Old Jul 23, 2002, 10:45 AM
kenshin kenshin is offline
Join Date: Jul 2002
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Default Changing DC BG music *TUTORIAL* i made

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How to change and customize Music for DC games (general tutorial).... I have done this w/ a few Capcom games already w/ .ADX sound, have not tried w/ .AFS yet:

Things you will need (I will either find links or post them somewhere):

1)Echelon Selfboot Toolkit
2)Isobuster (a newer ver. recomended)
3)cdrecord (included w/ echelon kit)
5)The music you're gonna add (.wav format duh)
6)adxencd (to encode) and Cinepack (to listen, jap)
7)Dummy file
and various other tools lol, I think most should be in the echelon toolkit

For simplicity sake make two folders in the root directory of of your hard drive that look like this:

C:\adxencd (put adxencd.exe in here)


C:\selfboot (put Echelon toolkit in here)

Step 1

Throw the Backup disc for the game you want to edit the bg music for and find out which files are used for the stages. Since I can't get Cinepack to play the .adx files like it should on my OS I use educated guesses which hasn't failed me yet. For MvC2 the files were labeled ADX_SXXX.BIN (XXX being a combination of numbers representing the stage ie. 020), for PowerStone the stage files were labeled ST_SXX.ADX (XX represents the stage number ie. 0A)... right now I am working on Heavy Metal Geomatrix, the files have the actual song names ie. MOTOPSYCHO.ADX....

here is a sample list for the stages in MvC2 (actual stage list):

ADX_Sxxx.BIN <-- the xxx are for the numbers below.

ELC - Select screen
000 - The Pirate Ship Stage
010 - Desert
020 - Inside the factory
030 - Carnival Stage
040 - Bridge stage
050 - Blue Underground Cave
060 - Clock Tower
070 - Ice Boat Stage
080 - Abyss 1
090 - Abyss 2
0A0 - Abyss 3
0B0 - Training

another Capcom note... the player select and stage select is usually abreviated w/ a SELC.ADX or .BIN ie. ADX_SELC.BIN or P_SELE.ADX or other variations.

OK, so now select the music that you want to have for the bg music... get it into .wav format (however you want), I think you should be able to that w/out a tutorial .

-Increase the volume of the music using soundrecorder which should already be on your OS. Just go to start ---> programs ---> accessories ---> entertainment ---> sound recorder.

-Open your .wav file up and then hit effects and increase vol by 25%. I usually increase mine twice then save it.

-Change the name of all of the files so that they match the name of the bg music files you want to replace. ie. Blade - bloodrave.wav becomes ADX_S010.wav etc.... (rename them for the stage that you want if you care to find out). The name must be all in CAPS and notice the 0 <-- zeros not O's.

-Put all your .wav files into the C:\adxencd\ folder on your hard drive.

Step 2

To change the .wav files to .adx you need to use adxencd (no... really???)--> yes, but the problem is it's not designed for Windows, so you need to use MS DOS prompt.

I hope you know how but if not do this:

-Press the Start button, go to Programs, Accesories, MS-DOS.A window will pop, it will say C:\WINDOWS or something, now type cd C:\ and press return. On the next line type cd adxencd and press return, it should now say C:\adxencd, if not, then the folder "adxencd" is not in your hard drive, so go and fix it.

Now with the C:\adxencd on screen, its time to change the wavs to adxs. To do that you need to type "adxencd" and the name of the wav, hit return.


C:\adxencd>adxencd ADX_S040.wav

Some info will appear. Now check the "adxencd" folder to see your brand new adx file. Do the same with the rest of the songs you want to convert.

Note: If you want them to loop... you READ the following RECOMENDED:

ExtraStep: Looping songs (optional)

When a song stops playing, you will hear nothing more than silence, if you want them to repeat you need to check the number of bytes that appear whne you are converting. (ie. 9456043... a nice long number like that )
You should take note of that number.... so go and write it down.

Now repeat the wav to adx step but this time add: -lps0 -lpe_______ (Replace the line with the number you got)

Full example: C:\adxencd>adxencd ADX.S040.wav -lps0 -lpe9456043

(and yes those l's are L's, as in loop not I's or 1's)

Do the same with the other songs.


Before going any further, you would obviously want to check if your adxs work or not, so open the "Cinepack" folder and open Cinepack (duh!). Unfortunately Cinepack doesn't work on my OS so I just have to be confident that I am doing it right

Step 3
Now you have your adx files, so you can trash the wavs. If you need to... for example in MvC2 it is time to give them the extension ".BIN" .

To make sure you do it correctly (otherwise the songs won't play) i'll give you the long method, but it won't fail.... unless you screw it up, hehe.
Open the "adxencd" folder to see your adx files. Now open your Control Panel (= Start, Configuration, Control Panel) and go to the Folder option. Click the "View" tab and make sure the box that says "Hide file extensions for known file types" is unchecked. After it's unchecked, the extensions of all files will be shown in the folder. Now erase the ".adx" and type ".BIN" (capital or not, it's the same thing). Ignore the shitty warning and click yes, don't worry, the file is still usable.

Warning: If you renamed the files incorrectly don't expect them to play.

Step 4

If there isn't already a folder in selfboot called "data" create it.

i. extract the whole 2nd session of your selfboot game (from the disc) into C:\selfboot\data (this will take a few min to extract)... all you have to do is throw your DC game in your CDrom drive and open ISOBUSTER (if you get a PV something read error get a new version on ISOBUSTER)

-add up the size off all of your .ADX music files combined and add up the size of the .ADX music files you are going to replace. Subtract the total of the original .ADX files from the new .ADX files... this is to see how much more space they are going to take up in the Iso image which you will soon create. You may have to adjust the size of the dummy file if there is one present, .ie if it is 300 MB you may have to make a new one to replace it that is 200 MB or whatever. Dummy file usually look something like 00.DUMMY.DAT so create your dummy file with your Dummy proggy and rename it to whatever.... or just name it 000.DUMMY.DAT and erase the old dummy file in the data directory.

-copy and paste your .ADX or .BIN music files from C:\adxencd to C:\selfboot\data and say yes to replace the files... duh.

Step 5

It's now time to burn your 1st session track. To do this fire up CDRWIN and select the first option Record Disc. Then click the Load Tracks, then click Add. Change the type of file option so it should say something like this All files *.*, so now browse until you get to your selfbootdirectory and select the AUDIO.RAW file. (if you don't have this audio.raw file included with the toolkit I will upload it somewhere for you guys b/c I forgot where I got it from) Click OK. Then before hitting the START RECORDING button be sure that the box Open New Session is checked. Otherwise all this you're doing will be useless and you'll only waste a beautiful CD-R. Once it's done click START RECORDING. Now wait till it's finished. And leave the cd in the tray. You'll use it in the next step.

Step 6

Once the cd is done you need to find out your SCSI Bus ID# of your CD-W. (Insert quote: What the **** is that??) It's not an inhuman thingy, you can do it, well...... you must do it if you want this to work, hehe... So pay attention:

Open a MSDOS window and change it to the selfboot directory:

cd C:\selfboot

Now run this:

cdrecord -scanbus

It should pop your CD-W info and some values. Write down the values cause you'll be needing them.

Now, run this:

cdrecord -dev=x,x,x -msinfo

Replace the "x,x,x" with the values the scanbus gave you, for example:

Scan bus gave you these: 0,1,0 <-- so you put these instead of the "x,x,x". The values differ so be sure to be sure of this, or it won't work. I'll refer them as "x,x,x" from now on.

After that command is done it will pop another number, write them down. (Be sure that the CD with the 1st session burned is still in your CD-W). Example:

0,11700 <-- write these, you'll need them later.(the second one is your msinfo value)

Step 7

Time to do some Cutting and Pasting cut the following files from the data folder and put them in the root directory (C:\selfboot, duh):


So you should have a bunch of weird looking applications plus a 1ST_READ.BIN and IP.BIN files in the selfboot directory.

You have to delete them from the data directory, they should only be in the selfboot directory.

Open a MSDOS command window and type this:

cd c:\selfboot

It should say now: C:\selfboot . Now type this:


It will prompt you for the name of binary, so type: 1ST_READ.BIN, now it will ask for the name of the boot sector so type: IP.BIN. After that it will ask for the MSINFO value (remember this?)so type only the second number msinfo gave you, for example:

0,11700<--- you only need the 11700

Once it's finished, copy your new 1ST_READ.BIN to the data directory (where all game files are). NOTE: You only need the 1ST_READ.BIN file in the data dir, leave the IP.BIN where it is.

Step 8

Now, time to make your iso!!! In the MSDOS window type:

mkisofs -C x,y -V ECHELON -l -o data.iso data

"x,y" <<--- are your MSINFO values. Example: 0,11700

Wait for your ISO to be created.

note... ECHELON = name for iso... name it whatever you want, just make sure it is connected w/ an _

ie. THPS2_PSD2k_ReMiX

Step 9

Once its done you'll have a data.iso sitting in your selfboot directory. Time to hack it!!!!!

In a MSDOS windows run:


It will prompt you for the Bootsector filename, so choose: IP.BIN. It will now ask for the ISO filename, so type data.iso. It will patch the IP.BIN as the bootsector in data.iso

Step 10
Time to burn.

Fire up CDRWIN again and choose File Backup and Tools. So for Backup Tool/Operation: Select Record an ISO9660 Image File. For Image Filename choose data.iso in your selfboot directory. For recording options select these:

Disc Type: CDROM-XA
Track Mode: MODE 2
Speed: any
Finalize/Close Session: Yes
Write Postgap: Yes
Open New Session: No
Test Mode: No
Verify Recorded Image: No

Click the Start button and wait.
Once it's finished, eject the CD and try it in your DC.


Now you have a selfbootable Capcom Title (or otherwise) with your own selection of music.

Enjoy!!! Questions? (lol) more note, I have tried this on games that don't have an IP.BIN and all you need to do is take the IP.BIN from any old DC game that has one and hack it. I suggest you print this out and use it for reference. Good luck (don't skip any steps or it will not work), Cheerz.

Option #2 wait for my newsgroup releases lol. 8)
Old Jul 24, 2002, 01:29 AM
sega88 sega88 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 85

hey kenshin, just wanna ask if you could upload the audio file which is end with 11700 and 11702, (I forgot which audio i have) is it alright if the 1st_read is start with 11700 and i only have burnt the audio with 11702? im a bit confuse anyway. so binhack solve all this problem is it?
Old Jul 24, 2002, 08:04 AM
mitsu50 mitsu50 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Posts: 3,279

looks good and all, but you should give props to Echelon for steps 4 through 9, since that is taken right from their tutorial. Some might think you are taking credit for their work. just MHO.
Old Jul 24, 2002, 09:27 AM
sega88 sega88 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 85

well i finally figure out how to do it now. :-p ...btw anybody have successful ly re-selfboot "Metropolis Street racer" with the echelon tutorial? i dont want to make coaster if someone could confirm before I tried it myself. :-p
Old Jul 24, 2002, 03:11 PM
mitsu50 mitsu50 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Posts: 3,279

MSR has a bunch of .bin files that need hacking before you can rebuild the ISO. I have not seen anyone that has successfully done this other than echelon.
Old Jul 25, 2002, 02:00 AM
sega88 sega88 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 85

ok im using echelon now, but could you tell me which bin files have to hack to successlly re-selfboot it?

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