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Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:41 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
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[b]=== PROVIDED BY EXTATYX ===[/b]

How to hex edit games to change the frequency from 50 to 60 Hz

OK - get hold of 'hedit' I find it a very fast hex editor!

Run hedit and open up your games disk image.. (.bin - .iso - .cdi - that kinda thing!)

Go to the 'edit' menu in hedit and select replace - a window will pop up with 4 text input boxes:
The first section is called 'Find what' and it has 2 text boxes (text and hex)
Copy this line:
01 E4 03 A0 02 E4 01 A0 03
and paste it into the 'hex' text box.

The second section is called 'Replace with' and it also has 2 text boxes labelled text and hex.
Copy this line:
00 E4 03 A0 00 E4 01 A0 00
and paste it into the 'hex' text box.

Click on the 'Replace All' button....
and wait..............

When it has finished replacing the data - go to the file menu and save.

Now burn away!!

It really is that easy!!

===Games this has been tested on:===

Succesfull games:

Sega Bass Fishing
Virtua Striker 2 2000.1
Ganbare Nippon Olympics 2000
Powerstone 2 (JAP)
Hydro Thunder
SW: Pod Racer
Neo Golden Logres Pinball
Evolution 2
Shenmue - all 3 disks
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Street Fighter 3: Double Impact
Fighting Force 2
World Series Baseball 2K1
Panzer Front (Jap)
Speed Devils
Tokyo Xtreme Racer
Slave Zero
Resident Evil Code: Veronica (Both Disks!)
NBA Hoopz
Twinkle Star Sprites
Powerstone 2 (US)
Mars Matrix
Cool Boarders Burrn
Spiderman - yay!

Unsuccessful :-(

Surf Rocket Racers
Maximum Pool
Sno Cross Championship Racing
Hidden + Dangerous
Quake 1
Midway Greatest Arcade Hits
Wild Metal
Bust a Move 4
Virtua fighter 3tb
Rainbow 6
Urban Chaos
Sonic Shuffle
Railroad Tycoon 2
UnderCover A.D.2025 Kei

'kudos' to ragingdevil - after all without his help I would have known nothing!

====> Thanks [b]Extatyx[/b] for submitting this!<====
Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:44 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
Posts: 1,309


Changing Music in Crazi Taxi 2!!!

Here is another one you all might like. Hopefully this will reduce the repetitive posts on the main forum. This may sound similar to the THPS2 Tutorial I wrote, and thats because, IT IS.

Programs you'll need:
get from: [URL=********]********[/URL]

isobuster or CDmage
Sound editor (I used windows sound recorder)

Echelon self boot tutorial from Grimdeath's site: [URL=***********]***********[/URL]

1. use isobuster or CDmage to extract game data to hard drive (make folder called "Data")

2. Sort files by type and copy out the files named "SONG3.adx, SONG4.adx, SONG5_2.adx" and SONG6.adx, and put them in a folder called "Music"

3. Select 4 songs that you want to use in the game (convert mp3 to wav on a side note) before proceeding. You'll have to cut down the size and lengths of the songs so they closely match the size of the originals. I used the windows sound recorder just to trim them down a bit, but i'm sure there are others that might be better. (use a one word naming system for the songs i.e. "Master of puppets" to "Puppets" it makes it easier when working in DOS in the next steps).

4. Next compare the volumes between the originals and the new songs, as they may be different. You may want to adjust volumes with the "adxcv" program in DOS to set the volumes, but its not critical. The read me file gives a good description of how to use it, the volume level I selected was 10000000 . Better to be a little high and turn it down if necessary. You'll have to convert back to adx first using the wav2adx program, and then set set sound levels.

6. If you tweaked any sound levels you are all set for a moment, if not then run the adxencd program, and convert all songs to adx format. Rename all new songs accordingly (i.e. back to original Crazi Taxi song names), so that they correspond to the original names.

7. now in the music directory you'll have 4 new .adx songs. Delete the wavs unless you want to save them. Cut and paste the new songs into the game data directory, It will ask if you want to replace existing files say yes to all.

Thats it!!! Now use the Echelon self boot tutorial, (I used Grimdeaths Tutorial cause it got pics and real easy to understand), to put the game back to CD.

Hopefully this was easy for people to understand. It worked perfectly for me. It's pretty much the same as THPS2, so if you've done that one this one will be a piece of cake, if not it may sound a little difficult but its actually not that bad to do with a little patience.


Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:45 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
Posts: 1,309

The Jinxter driver that makes the HP8200 work with discjuggler can be found [URL=********]here[/URL]

A short note on installing it: all you have to do is replace the pfc.inf file that is in your discjuggler folder with the one in the zip file. When you open Discjuggler after that, it should say 'Jinxter ghost driver' in the destination box, instead of your burner.

Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:46 PM
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Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
Posts: 1,309

[b]SUBMITTED BY JO12345: How to convert a DVD to a SFD-Movie[/b]

How to convert a DVD to a SFD-movie(Dreamcast Movie-format, MPeg1 - Stream with a special Dreamcast Audio-Track)

I used a document found on CD-Rom-Guide for this :

author : Rules

Software You Will Need
1. Latest SmartRipper (incredible ripper!)
2. DVD2AVI + VFP Plugin (how this amazing program works? i dont know.. )
3. TMPGEnc 12a With My SVCD Templates
4. S. Movie Creator

Please Read This Entire Page Before Asking Questions Somewhere Else!

1. SmartRipper (put the dvd in your dvd-rom and decrypt to your hard drive)

Note: For this entire procedure, you're going to need plenty of hard drive space. DVD movies are anywhere from 4 to 10 gigs, and u also need the space that the resulting MPEG will occupy, which can be an extra 1 to 2gigs.

Before running it, please play the movie in a software dvd player for only a couple seconds and then close it. This will "authenticate/unlock" the drive.

When you first run it, it will go through a series of IFO files and prepare to actually parse the DVD the way it should be played in a standalone. It will automatically start with the movie section and select the MOVIE. Keep in mind that using IFO parsing (the movie section of the program) you are completely going to not worry about any multiangles or any other weird problems.. such as a music video intermission between your movie files. Those kinds of things will just automatically be left out while it rips.

First... click on SETTINGS, on the Movie tab... set Key Check to only ONCE and set File splitting by every vob-file. Only "Option" checked should be Unlock Drive. In the Files/Backup Tab, set Key Check to only ONCE as well. Hit OK to go back to the movie menu.

Please click on the "Movie" Rip-Method on the top right corner (Default). Your movie length should already be highlighted in the "IFO -> Title -> Angle" window, if it isn't, please do so.

Please select the proper target folder, SmartRipper will also check for available space. The start button will now appear under the settings button. Please click on it

2. DVD2AVI (does exactly as the name suggests...)

Start DVD2AVI.exe and the vfp plugin should be in the same folder if you downloaded it from here.

Proceed to File -> Open and selecting your vob's and pressing add. Then hit ok.

Go to Help -> VFAPI Plugin, this will enable the use of the .VFP file in the same folder (should be checked).

If you know that the audio track is not Track No. 1, then change it now in Options -> Audio Demux -> DD Decoding.

Pressing F6 will bring up a Statistics window that you have to monitor for a couple minutes. Now press F5, the movie will begin to preview.

Here you also want to notice what framerate AND type your movie source actually is. For those of you that do not know, Region 1 (US and Canada) is NTSC (29.97fps), all other regions are PAL (25fps). Also, take note of the aspect ratio and remember it. 16:9 or 4:3 ?

**Most importantly for you NTSC users here is the FRAMETYPE. I suggest you watch a couple of minutes into the movie. If the frametype is ONLY progressive, you're in luck, you can stop the preview and select Options-->Preserve Film. If the movie type is HYBRID, or it shows INTERLACED or switches between PROGRESSIVE and INTERLACED (at least once even!) then make sure that Preserve Film is OFF! Remember whether or not your source is interlaced! You're going to need to know for TMPGEnc. (Borrowed from Purpleman)

1. For those of you who do not want to bother with interlaced CRAP and don't mind LESS quality. Then DON'T use preserve film but make sure you change the FPS in TMPGEnc to 29.97 and that 3:2 Pulldown is not checked in the Main Video Tab, then ignore the Inverse Telecine instructions.

2. DO NOT have preserve film ON for PAL sources.

Press ESC to stop the statistics scanning and F7 to stop the preview.

Before you go on.. I must WARN you to close any CPU intensive programs or anything not necessary.

Go to File -> Save PROJECT (not AVI) and select a drive with space on it. DON'T DO ANYTHING UNTIL IT'S DONE! ............

If you're still here.. congrats. If you just came back from a reboot, I warned you

Now you have a small .d2v project file and a nice beautiful .wav corresponding with the audio track that was selected. But remember, you can't delete or even change the path name to those movie VOB's until you are done. The .d2v is only a "map" to the exact byte locations of those VOB files. They are still going to be accessed when you encode.

3. TMPGEnc (powerful encoder)

Run "TMPGEnc English.exe" .. or Japanese if you're feeling daring.

At the bottom of program next to Video source, select browse and find your .d2v file from DVD2AVI. For audio source, find your .ac3 file.

---- Please follow the instructions that apply below ---

Advanced :

Video Source Type: Non-Interlaced if your movie is progressive only(DVD2AVI), Interlaced if it is interlaced...
Field Order: Even field first
Source Aspect Ratio: This should be either NTSC(PAL) 4:3 525l(625)ine, NTSC(PAL) 16:9 525(625)line. DVD2AVI would have told you this in the Statistics area.
Image Positioning: Fit to frame (preserve aspect ratio) ** Not 2!

Also, make sure nothing is checked under these options, NOTHING! (especially inverse telecine).

Video - Settings :

Stream-Type : MPeg-1 Video
Size : 640 x 480 for movies(black borders on TV), 352 x 240 for full screen TV-stuff.
Aspect ratio : 4:3 525 line NTSC !!!
Frame Rate : Keep the original framerate
Rate control : "Constant bitrate (CBR)" or "2-pass variable bitrate (VBR)"

CBR if you want your movie fast, 2 pass VBR if you want best quality(doubles the encoding time)

Bitrate(only CBR) : anything from 800 kbit/s(movie fits on 1 CD, quality may suffer) to 2200 kbit/s(high quality).

Setting for VBR :

Minimum bitrate : 0
Maximum bitrate : 3000
Average bitrate : anything from 600 kbit/s to 2200 kbit/s

VBV buffer size : 0(automatic)

Motion search precision : I suggest "High Quality(Slow)"

If you have a full-screen TV-film(no black borders on TV), you can skip the following chapter.

##widescreen movies##
Go back to the Advanced Settings.
Double click "Clip frame"

confirm, that "Resized image is used to display preview" is NOT checked.
now clip the black borders at the top/bottom of the image(search for a bright scene).
Write down the "Size after clipping"
Click on OK.

Go back to the Video - settings.

Now we have to adjust the y-resolution in order to fit the "Size after clipping".(the reolution must be a multiple of 16)

Go back to the "Clip Frame" window.

Now CHECK the "Resized image is used to display preview" box.
If you discover any black borders in the preview, you have to adjust the Resolution in the Video-Settings.

Don´t use the following Resolutions for your movie:


because they are displayed full screen on the Dreamcast(no black borders on the top and bottom of the TV)

Press "Start" .. and this will take a while depending on length of movie. Press ok when done to everything.

I recommend you calculate for 15 mins, abort the encoding and check, if everything looks right.

4. Calculation and Cutting

Now you have a pretty big file in front of you, beautiful quality. How do you burn it to play it on a DVD Player? Well, we can use the tools in TMPEG by going to File -> MPEG Tools, but first, we should do some calculating.

First of all, you CAN fit a maximum of 695megs on a 80min CD by burning in Mode 1(5 megs for the player).

So let's say you have a 2 gig SVCD file for a 2hr movie (This is just approximate). You will obviously need 3 CDs, as is the case for most SVCDs. Please note that in TMPGEnc you can only type in the time interval in seconds. So a 2hr movie (7200 seconds) would be cut into 3 like this...

Part 1 - 0 -> 2405 seconds
Part 2 - 2400 -> 4805 seconds
Part 3 - 4800 -> 7200 seconds (end of movie)

Notice that I repeated 5 seconds to allow for error and being cut off in the middle of a sentence. If you've made it this far, you can certainly do your own calculations.

Now... let's actually do it. Go to File -> MPEG Tools, and click on the last tab, "Cut/Join". Click the add button and select your 2 gig Mpeg file and from the scroll down menu select "MPEG1 Video (automatic)".

If at this point you are in tremendous need of space, go ahead and delete your orginal VOB's and/or DVD2AVI project file, but I DON'T RECOMMEND it.

Double click on the filename and for range set from "0" to end of your first cut, in my example would be "2405". Press ok. At the bottom of the window select your Output and remember to label it PART I, don't try to overwrite the file you're using! Press start.

For second cut, double click on the filename of the mpg again, set the beginning to, as in my example, "2400" and end to "4805". Press Ok, CHANGE OUTPUT TO PART II, then press start.

Repeat for however many parts you have remembering to change your output file. You should now have files big enough to fit on a 74min CD.

5. Converting MPeg-1 Video to SFD-movie

Now we have to convert the audio-track.

First we´ll have to De-Multiplex the Mpeg-1 Video.

Go to File -> MPEG Tools, and click on "De-multiplex"

For input choose the movie you want to convert.
choose the output name/directory of the video-/audio-file.
click on "Run".

Now we have a M1V-video file and a MP2-audio file.

convert the MP2-audio to an uncompressed WAV-audio(f.ex. with WinAMP and Diskwriter PlugIn)

Start the S. Movie Creator.

Video-material file : the M1V video you just created
Audio-material file : the WAV audio you just created

Type : Sofdec Data(.sfd)

The Duration and Video options should be greyed out, if not go back to the de-multiplex part, there seems to be a bug in TMpeg or S.MCreator...

Audio : 22050 Hz, Stereo, 196 kbit/s (results in a SFD-file that has the same size the MPG-file has)

now click on "Start Encoding"

Now you have a ready to burn SFD-movie.

Burn it with the SFD-player as MODE 1 ISO(for non-selfbooting movie)

[b]Thanks jo12345![/b]
Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:48 PM
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how to change the faces in thps2
Originally posted by Noct:
First thing to do is open one of those bitmaps I described and look at what Im talking about.
Im in the process of actually doing this,so Ill walk myself through it.
(thats what im using,try and match the hair pattern to your own as best you can)
in PS.
Notice the picture is within a square, and all the pixels are flush to the edges.
It almost looks like this haircut is some wild afro,but actually when that wraps around,its just a flat head of blue hair.
Just like the neck looks distorted into almost shoulders,once that wraps around the smaller polygon on the bottom of the head,itll just be a neck.
Thats what I meant by the picture will be distorted.
Ok now open the picture of yourself you want to put on the guy.
By the way,be very selective when you choose what picture to use,it should be a level straight on picture of your face, without any bizzare shadows or lights going across your face.
(Im personally using a wedding photo,cuz its the only professional picture of myself I have.
I imagine like a school photo,or drivers license picture would be fine.)
On a side note,you really only need one side of your face,(explain later) so if you have a good frontal shot of your face,and one side of it is too dark or can still use it.
Ok, heres the actual hard part.
Zoom in real close on both pictures, then take the polygonal lasso tool,and try and select just the face,and neck on the actual game bitmap.
Try to keep all the hair out of the picture.
(little tip on ripping pictures in PS,dont even attempt to try and do selects all on one pass,work on small areas at a time,and then add,or subtract to the selected area.
You can make your select tool be subtracting,or adding by holding either ALT "-", or SHIFT "+" while you click the first point.)
Once youve gotten it selected, in PS6 go to IMAGE>MODE>
indexed color is selected,change it to RGB.
Now, go to
IMAGE>ADJUST>brightness and contrast
Now play with this slider, and try to get the skin tone of the game character as close to the tone of your face in the picture your using as possible.
Dont worry about wether or not it makes the face look squirrley, your not going to use the features on that one anyways.
Once youve done that,deselect the image,and then select just the hair.
(it doesnt have to be perfect,the pixels are so small you probobly wont notice if your off a little.)
Now go to LAYER>New Layer
click ok,and it sets a new blank layer on top of your image.
Now take the airbrush tool,and change its color to your hair color.
Now spray over all of the hair pixels until you can see it anymore(inside of the selection area you put around the hair.
Now goto
this will bring up an options menu with an adjustable slider that says "opacity".
Slide that to the left until you can see some of the features of the hair underneath,but not so much that you lose the color.
Now goto
Hopefully at this point,the complextion,and hair color match the photo your comparing it to in some respect.
Now to the actual picture of you.
select from your face,a chunk that basicly covers your mouth,nose,and at least one eye.
(You can select both, but your only going to use one.)
Once its selected,copy it (CNTRL+C)
Now back over to the game image,paste it in.
Its obviously going to be way off sizewise,probobly way too big.
You can scale it down by resizing it(CNTRL+T)
Get it as close to the right size as you can,and try to size/position it so one eye
is perfectly overtop of the old eye,and the nose and mouth line up to the middle of the face.
Once youve got it in place,apply the resize,(just click a different tool,then click APPLY on the pop up window).
Now with the airbrush tool(resizeing if needing) set to whatever the basic color of your skintone is(use the eyedropper tool to select a color directly)
and try to blend the piece/pieces you placed on the game image into the rest of the face.
You only need one side of the head,so dont bother doing both.
The reason youre only doing half is that this is will look much better if its completely symetrical,so i find it best to do one side then copy it to the other side.
Once everythings looking ok,you need to select exactly one half of the image with it cut straight down the middle of the face.
Copy one side of the face then paste it on the other side flipped over.
Once its in place flatten the image again.
If it didnt match up perfectly,you can do a little fine detail editing around the seam down the middle to try and fix it up,but dont forget these are small pixels,and your never really going to see a real close up of it in the game anyways.
Now goto
In the pop up window select the palatte as
PREVIOUS is it is available,or
MASTER(selective) if its not.
and hit ok.
now just hit the close button in the right corner of the image in photoshop.
PS will ask you if you want to save it,say yes,and rewrite it overtop of the original image.
(always make backups first)
And thats pretty much it.
Editing logos on shirts,and the images on boards is pretty much the same thing.
Wow...maybe this shoulda been in the faq folder.

thanks Noct!
Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:49 PM
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[b]-= Originaly Posted By: Avalon-Racer =-[/b]

[b]-= How To Insert Roms Into Emulator Disks =-[/b]

Ok, here is what you do:

1. Rip everything off to a folder using ISOBuster or CDmage.

2. Move all of your ROMs in the folder label'd [b]ROMS[/b]

3. Open CDRWIN. click [b]Record Disc[/b]
Click [b]Load Tracks[/b]. Find the .wav file that you ripped off, and burn it. Make sure the option [b]Open New Session[/b] is checked before burning.

4. After the wav has burned, click [b]File Backup and Tools[/b] and choose the [b]Backup files directly (on the fly) to an ISO9660 compatable disc[/b] from the dropdown menu. Open windows explorer, navagate to the folder where you placed the files, and place [b][i]IN ORDER[/i][/b] the following files/folders
  • 1DSNES.SH4

5. Check the options [b]Preserve Full Pathnames[/b], [b]Write Postgap[/b], [b] BURN-Proof[/b](If your burner supports it) and [b]Finalize/Close Session[/b],and uncheck [b]Open New session[/b]

6. Under [b]Disc Type[/b] choose [b]CDROM-XA[/b], under [b]Track Type[/b] choose [b]Mode 2[/b] and under [b]Speed[/b] choose [b]4x[/b].

Then click Burn, and you're all set. Happy burning

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