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Old Apr 10, 2002, 05:24 PM
LiL C LiL C is offline
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 152
Default for those who cant wait for a tutorial on CHANGIN MUSIC IN MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 2....

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heres. version 1.0. next version will include a bundle of software . but heres tha text for now. I DONT take any credit for this since i derived it frum homies who are geneuses..they know who they are. an ill credit them for it soon...

Welcome 2 tha "Monkey see Monkey do" guide:

This session: Changing music in Marvel vs. Capcom 2

================================================== ===
Things you will need:

1)You must own the actual mvc2 gd rom(yeah right)
2)A back-up copy of MvC2 (this game is comprised of bin files so it must be reburned with cdrwin or fireburner)
3)You must have a burner
4)(special note)the music your gonna add must be converted to adx first than you must change it to a .bin file or it wont play
5)This was done to a nonboot copy of mvc2 for use with the boot disc. If you have a selfboot copy look at the end for special instructions
6)cd wave (optional) once youve got the wavs you want you cant edit the starting and finishing points by adding splits to your wavs. this will eliminate silence or parts of tracks that you just dont wanna hear

Software you will need: (note: Ive provided everything you will need in a bundle on this tutorial)

1)winrar - cause you cant open isobuster from winzip or windows
2)isobuster - (dont ask what for just get it, even i dont know what this is for)
3)cinepack - this is what u use to turn adxs into wavs and to listen to your adxs to make sure they work.
4)adxencd - this is what will turn your wavs to adxs. (note: dont use wav2adx. It flat out sux ill explain later)
5)streambox ripper - This program will convert your .mp3 audio files into .wav files so that you can manipulate them later in "sound recorder"
6)sound recorder - this program hsould be provided on all PC computers. if you dont have it......ur screwed (well not entirely).
7)dummyfile creator - This program will create data full of nothing so that when you burn your game, all tha DC game files will be pushed back to the outer sectors of the CDR. This is done for the sake of the DC game being read & loaded faster (like all DC games).
8)dummy calculator - Not exactly nessessary but it helps to do quik calculations and estimate how big your dummy-file should be.


now that its downloaded where do u put it. ok obviously all of this **** cant go in the same folder on your hard drive so heres what you do. "winrar" will be in its own folder on your desktop. Put everything in that folder except for "adxencd". The name should look like this c:\winrar\isobuster etc.
For "adxencd" open up windows explorer and click file, then highlight the new option and choose folder. it will say new folder, rename that to "MvC2x" and then make another folder (the same way you made the "ADX" folder) and name it "mvc2". Make another folder called "songs".

So heres whatchu should have....
Desktop >> MvC2X - WinRAR
- isobuster >> [Isobuster.exe]
- ADX >> [Cinepack.exe , adxencd.exe , music setup.txt] AND [All of your .wav converted .mp3's should end up in this particular folder]
- dummyfile-creator >> [dummy calculator.exe , dummy file creator , filed_id.diz , MaJesTic.nfo , and a read me text]

================================================== ===

* Step 1: Using isobuster to extract your game files:

- Make sure your back-up copy of the game is in your cd-rom drive.
- Ok open up winrar and then look in the winrar folder. you will see isobuster.
- Run it and at this time the backup copy of mvc2 should be in your cd-rom drive.
- In the right hand side of the screen all of the folders and files for the game should be present.
- Highlight all of the files and right click.
- Click "extract" to then chose the folder mvc2 from your c: drive. Move all of the extracted contents to the "mvc2" folder that was easy right *****. on to the next step.

================================================== ===

* Step 2: Changing your .mp3 to .wavs.

- cd tracks and wav files are similar but not completely.
- Open up "Streambox Ripper"
- Now Take your desired .mp3 and drag it to the "Streambox ripper" window. it should play the track.
- Now click "convert".
- Go to the "Destination directory:" and click "Change" >> Find the directory "ADX" and select it >> Click "OK".
- In the "Encode Output file" directory check the "WAV uncompressed" box.
- "Decode from start" is checked.
- Check "Change to:" >> "Sampling rate:" must be at 44100 Hz (for highest quality in music...duhh) >> "Channels in "stereo" (duhh)
- Dont bother wit anything else and click "OK".
- By now the program should be writing your uncompressed file into your "ADX" folder.
- Now get rid of you MP3's if they inside your "ADX" folder. you wont need em anymore.

================================================== ===

* Step 3: Converting your .wav's to .adx's.:

At some point this step was a ***** for me. I was using "WAV2ADX.gui" and that program was utter ****. 1) Its conversions where LOW quality music 2) It only converted 1 out of 9 songs , so dont **** wit this program. Ill take you through tha correct steps in "adxencd" so that you wont have any problems of any kind (i hope).

This is the real step that your gonna have to put some work into. Although "adxencd" is a program it wasnt designed for windows. As i said earlier all of your new .wav's that you wanna put in the game should be in the folder "ADX".Also make sure "adxencd.exe" is inside the same folder "ADX" .

- First off start up "DOS" program. (It will say "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop>")
- Locate the "adxencd.exe" file.
- Drag "adxencd.exe" to tha DOS window so that tha program directory will automatically type its location >>PRESS ENTER>>
- Now Type "cd c:music" >>PRESS ENTER>>
- Now Type "adxencd *****.wav" >>PRESS ENTER>> (note: "*****" is being tha title of your .wav/song)
- Now you SHOULD see the program writing tha new adx file, and in a couple seconds. your new adx file will be created and located in the same directory where your .wav files where.
- Repeat this process to all of your desired audio tracks until your satisfied.
Now lets play our new .adx files before we change their names, this is because after you rename it to a corresponding .bin file you wont be able to play them. After you finished converting all of them go to "cinepack.exe" and select the folder "ADX". Open up your new .adx files and see if your new .adx's can be played . If they can then your almost done.
By the time you're done doing this. Delete your .wavs, ur done with them (assuming that all your .wav's were succesfully converted to .adx's).
Re-naming your .adx's :
I should have provided a correct list that has all the music in mvc2 that corresponds with each .bin (whats really an .adx file) file in the game.
- Open the "MvC2 music.txt" file to view the track listing
- Rename all your .adx's to the corresponding track in the game.

Example: If your new .adx audio file is called "****.adx", and your corresponding .bin file in the game is "ADX_S060.BIN" (Clock Tower Stage), then rename your new .adx file "ADX_S060.BIN".

(Special Note): Some people change the ".adx" to ".bin" prefix and it doesn't register properly. If this happens to you then you need to press your start button and go into settings and then folder options. >> Click the view tab and make sure the box that says hide file extensions for known file types is unchecked. >> After its unchecked when you change it it should give a warning saying that changing the file extension may make it unusable. just ignore this stupid *** warning and click "Yes". Now take all your new .adx's and put em insdide you "mvc2" directory >> Now your computer should say if u want to replace your new .adx's and delete the old ones >> Click "Yes", not "Yes to all" so that u make sure u relace all the files u wanted one at a time. Bottom line is just put the new ones in the mvc2 folder and make sure they are there once again wit "cinepack".

================================================== ===

* Step 4 : Burning your game (finally)

Time to burn....TYPE B (this method is a 2 part deal. aside frum TYPE A. this will manually build an ISO image, then manually burn the newly created ISO file)

part 1
a) Open up "CDRwin"
b) Click the second to last option to the top-right. ("File Backup and Tools")
b) Then select "build an iso image".
c) Click the "directory" option on the upper mid part of the page >> and select the "mvc2" folder >> then click "add".
d) You will see 2 boxes checked. one says "Recurse Subdirectories" and the other says "Preserve Full Pathnames".>> Make sure these boxes are UNCHECKED or it wont work.
e) Then you will see an option called "output folder". Put this ISO right in the "mvc2" folder and call it "mvc2". (This will take about a minute to produce).
part 2
f) Now when you look in the "mvc2" folder at the end you will see a file that says "mvc2.iso". Now go into "CDRwin" again and this time select "record an iso image". same instructions as before, make sure them 2 boxes ("Recurse Subdirectories", "Preserve Full Pathnames") is UNCHECKED.
g) Then where it says "select the iso", go to the mvc2 folder and double click on the iso and then burn it.
h) 5 to 8 minutes later you will have a nice new version of this game.
i) I hope you used long songs cause the timer is SLOOOW and on top of that it would help if you looped your adxs. this is a ***** cause in adxencd seconds are not measured in real time, they are measured in bytes so for example if you wanted to loop in adxencd it would look something like this while your in dos.
adxencd adx_s040.wav -lps2547264 -lpe4345642 a little math and its easy. just look at the total number of bytes and divide that by the total number of seconds. after that multiple by whatever second you want then that is more or less the byte you need.

Last edited by LiL C; Apr 10, 2002 at 05:27 PM.
Old Apr 10, 2002, 08:44 PM
m_que01 m_que01 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Oregon
Posts: 747

that is complicating just to change the music on marvel vs. capcom 2, but i guess i'll give that a try some time. Always up to the challenge.
Old Apr 11, 2002, 10:32 AM
joaoviss joaoviss is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: brazil
Posts: 100

hey Lil C
u forgot 'bout the commands in adxencd (sample, loop, etc.)
what does adxcv.exe? converts adx in wav only?
sorry, it's ur tut, i don't wanna bother, only help.
Old Apr 11, 2002, 12:29 PM
LiL C LiL C is offline
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 152

i forgot what adxcv does. so far i dotn need it ofr anything adxencd does all tha converting i probably wont bother wit loopin till version 1.2 im still tweakin it up
Old Apr 11, 2002, 12:43 PM
mitsu50 mitsu50 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: Massachusetts, USA
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all adxcv does is allow you to convert, and change the volume levels of the files. When i first started doing this, i played the game for the first time and i could barely here my new songs, even with the in game volume all the way up. so you use this program to adjust the volume levels. try to get it as close to the original as possible!
Old Apr 11, 2002, 01:25 PM
LiL C LiL C is offline
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 152

well im havin some troubles burnin tha game...i shoulda left out STEP 4 because i havent burned a succefull copy. ill peep adxcv today but i can confirm the audio until someone helps me correct my burning steps.

help me out dogg

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