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Old Jan 28, 2002, 10:15 PM
holyniht holyniht is offline
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Default œœBurning DC Games 4 Dummiesœœ

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In this tutorial i will be explaining how to burn a non-boot game and a self-boot game. I will also explain all the different scenerios u may encounter while burning dc games on the mac.

Things u'll need:
Roxio Toast 5
Adaptec Jam 2.6 or 3.0(( try both 2 see which one supports ur burner))

The macpack 4:: [url][/url]
1. contains all the tools needed . prepare the files

I will first start off my saying, u cannot copy dc game yourself on the mac. ur gonna have to get it from the net.
The files are most likely in rar format.
They will most likely be labeled in order like: 001,002,003 etc.

Use macrar, it can be found in the macpack, open macrar, under the file menu choose extract, then select the first file in the series. U should now see it extracting all the rars into a bin and cue or a cdi.

Burnin bin and cue games

These games are non-selfboot meaning u will need a bootdisk to play them. these all the easiest to burn and u could also add ur own musiq. now in ur folder u will have a bin and cue and sumtimes a unpacker exe., use binchunker frum the macpack, it will ask you to select the bin, then it will ask u to select the cue. it will then spit out an iso. if it spits out multiple files that means u have a bad cue. to extract the sound files open up unpacker frum the macpack and choose the unpoack file. u will now have audio files for your game.

if u do have a bad cue u can easily make a workin one urself, here is how:::
1. open up simpletext and copy and paste the following:

TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

it has to be the exact name of the bin ur workin with. then save and but the name of the file ur workin with but instead of the extension bin, put cue. it should look like this when savin:: KAL-RVLT.CUE.

throw away all those files and do the binchunker step again, u should get one iso.

now open up toast, assuming u have toast 5, go to the other menu and clcik the little down arrow. u will see a list, and in that list choose disk image. now drag and drop ur iso, toast 5 should accept it, now try mounting it, clcik the button that says mount image, if it mounts ur ready 2 go.

now burn as a session at 2x or less.
when the disk is done, close toast and open it again, choose audio cd. now drag and drop the audio files into toast,u can replace these files with the ones from the game with ur own audio files, put back in the disk u just burnt iso on and burn the audio files on it, but this time choose write disk, when ur disk is done
u now have a new dc game.

Burnin cdi games

cdi games are self-bootin, meaning they don't need a bootdisk. once u have all ur rars, extract them as before, u should now have a cdi file. use cdi-rip frum the macpack and choose the cdi, u will now see it rippin the cdi apart,lol whens its done, u will have a cdi-rip anaylsis file, a audio file, and a data file.

this is where the different scenerios come into play.

open up jam, go to audio cd, and drag an drop in the audio file in, make sure it 75 secs. per frame, u can adjust it at the lower left corner of the window. burn as a session,

Now open up toast, and under the other menu choose multi-track xa drag and drop the the data file in and burn at 2x or less , but choose write disk.

If the disk doesn't work, that means ur burner adds on to sectors to anything ti burns, so this is scenerio 2

open up toast and the cdi-rip anaylsis file that showed up when u used cdi- rip

drag and drop the the audio file in jam.
now it should show u the length of the audio file. click it, it should now bring up a new window that has a option soun data trim, choose that. Now in the cdi-rip ****ysis, u should tell u the data for the audio file, among that data, it should tell the stop of the audio file. now back to jam, in the sound data trim. match the stop with the stop frum the ****ysis, once ur done that, since ur burner adds to sectors, u subtract to two frum the lenth of the track, like this: 00:04:00 >> 00:03:73

now burn again as a session, now open up toast and burn as a multitrack xa and hit write disk. If the disk still doesn't work that means ur burner can''t burn anything less than 300 sectors, and if u try 2 burn anything less, it bumps it up to 300 sectors and then and goes and adds the to sectors on top of it.

If this is so for u, that means ur in the same boat me and a couple of people are in.

the only thing u can do is use isofix but that will only work for games that are not so big. like crazy taxi 2, or virtual tennis. other games like Sa2 and resident evil which have 25+ rars, iso fix won't work, cause iso fix basiaclly bulks up the iso to match the desired LBA. so if the file is already big and u bulk it up more, it won't fit on a 80 min cd.


i will now be telling u how to use isofix .
ur gonna need an iso config file. there is one already in the macpack, just open it and open the cdi-rip ****ysis. in the ****ysis u should see the lba of the data track, remember that number. now open the config file in simpletext and where it has the numbers 11700 change it to the lba it had in the ****ysis. then save.

Now open iso fix, it wil tell u to choose the iso, then it will tell u to choos the config file, u just made. When its done it will spit out a fixed iso, a header iso, and a bootfile bin. throw away the bootfile bin, u don't need it. open toast choose disk image. drop in the fixed iso, make sure its mountable. then burn at 2x or less as a session. now close toast and open it again, choose multitrack xa, and drop the header iso, make sure its 2056, in the new window that pops up. clcik ok, then write disk at 2x or less. and ur done a workin iso fixed dc game.

Thanx to tropenhase and buzz-buzz who helped me when i first came into the scene. lucky for yah i was a fast learner,lol reply and tell me if i left sumthin out

holyniht ™ © 2001- till the end of time
* * ** **
Hi everyone,
now that holyniht did a nice summary on how to burn DC on a Mac, the different problems you may encounter and how to fix them everyone should be fine for at least 95% off all DC releases ever!
I'm going to add another guide on how to burn selfbooting CDDA games, that means games that come with a unpack/inject.exe

Again you need MacPack4!

Here we go:
Once you unrared your archive you will have a CDI, the unpack.exe, the inject.exe and possibly one more file.
To go on you just need the CDI and the unpack.exe - trash everything else.

Use CDIRip on the CDI file the same way as you would do for any other release. You will end up with a number of of audio files (depends on how many audio tracks are used in the game) and one data track.
Trash all audio files and just keep the data track - usually called TDataXX.iso (where XX is the actual position of the data track).

!!! Keep the CDIRip ****ysis text file !!!

Note: No worries at this time about the audio files - they are all empty and just function as spacers within the CDI. On a PC you would use inject.exe to overwrite those spacers with the unpacked audio. On a Mac we do it different

In the next step we will use the Unpacker application from MacPack4 and use it with the unpack.exe that we got in the first step. This will give you a number of MP3 files.

Now open Adaptec Jam and drag those MP3 files to it.
Open also the CDIRip ****ysis text file. You will see that every track is given a specific lenght. That matters!
Now you have to adjust the actual lenght of the audio files in Jam to the correct one according to the ****ysis file. Use the data trim option that was mentioned by holyhiht already.

!!!! Note: Be sure that Jam is set to 75 frames/sec and that a default pause of 2 seconds is set in front of the first track and between every track also !!!!!

Scenario 1 (for people with burners that don't make trouble at all when it comes to the "2 sector issue"):
Trim the lenght of every single audio track according to the CDIRip ****ysis file - e.g.

"Track 1" in JAM -> 03:12:65
"Track 1" in CDIRIP ****YSIS -> 03:12:59
---> You trim "Track 1" to 03:12:59

Scenario 2 (for people that are in trouble with the "2 sector issue"):
Trim the lenght of every single audio track according to the CDIRip ****ysis file but substract 2 sectors every time - e.g.

"Track 1" in JAM -> 03:12:65
"Track 1" in CDIRIP ****YSIS -> 03:12:59
---> You trim "Track 1" to 03:12:57

Now that you're done click burn and be sure to write a session!
Close Jam and open Toast.

Choose "Multitrack CD-ROM XA" and now burn the data track (TDataXX.iso).


Old Feb 09, 2002, 02:22 PM
JonoG4 JonoG4 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2001
Posts: 2

You do not need to use that buggy POS Jam. Burn the audio file woth Toast. Also, has anyone been able to get Shenmue 2 to burn correctly on a Mac? Thanks
Old Feb 09, 2002, 04:02 PM
holyniht holyniht is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: Boston
Posts: 250

actually jam is better at burnin audio files than toast it. jam gives more options in burning audio files. u will need jam in cases when burnin dc games that have audio files and data files. toast can't do the job
Old Jan 15, 2006, 02:58 PM
cow cow is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 6

i tried to follow this manual, but i don't have jam.
is it possible to work with titanium toast 6 somehow?
Old Jan 15, 2006, 03:33 PM
JohnnytoShoes JohnnytoShoes is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 96

Yes but this is a very old thread start a ne wone if you want some help, chances are this one will be locked soon
Old Jan 15, 2006, 03:45 PM
cow cow is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 6

Originally Posted by JohnnytoShoes
Yes but this is a very old thread start a ne wone if you want some help, chances are this one will be locked soon
it's a thread i found via google. as this seems to be a tutorial i thought chances are high that other people with the same problem will land here.
but i can post a new thread aswell.

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