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Old Jan 10, 2003, 07:00 PM
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Default Full Tutorial on all ISO Softwares with command line

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I found this document and think it is useful to all people who want to know how to use different ISO software to create ISO. I don't take credit for this.

1 1 Introduction
The intent of the document is to provide comprehensive instructions on how to create an ISO file for burning. We will cover all the major XBox File System (XFS – this is what we are calling for simplicities sake...this is the “proprietary” file system that XBox discs are supposed to use) IOS creators and identify their strengths and weaknesses plus let you know which are “legal” and which are not.

It should be noted that you could burn images to a piece of media (CD-RW, DVD-whatever) using the UDF 128 format (generally supported with RecordNow Max) and these would be readable in your PC drive, but ISOs are considered to be “faster” – the will run and load faster...we always create ISOs before burning anything and we have yet to see a bad disc.

2 2 XFS ISO Creators
Currently we are only aware of the following tools that will create an XFS ISO files: xISO, ISO Toolkit, ISOx Creator, ISO Maker and GDFIMAGE.EXE; of these only the last is copyright protected as it was built using the M$ XDK (XBox Developers Kit) which is must be licensed and cannot be distributed without licensing.

2.1 2.1 XISO [current = 0.9.5]
One of the earlier ISO creators out there is I remember correctly, this tool is generally considered to have issues but can create an ISO file that will boot (a lot of people have received an error when trying to boot that the disc is dirty or damaged, then used a different ISO maker and bam! the ISO works – though it should be noted that the latest version is supposed to be a lot better). Other features in xISO make it a winner though with the ability “patch” development code to retail code, ability to rip an ISO, it has a GUI and command line operation and it can add ISO9660 compatibility to your ISO (so you can read it in your PC drive).

Why “patch” development code? Because it will not run on a retail box! If for some reason somehow you had development code that will not run on your retail box and you desperately want it to run on your XBox all you would need to do would be load the development code, go to Tools -> Patches -> XBE: DevKit -> Retail to patch the code for retail.

Creating an ISO is easy, select Tools -> Make xISO, a browse window opens up, from there browse to the root directory where the files are for the ISO, highlight it and click OK. Another browse window will open where you will browse to the location where the ISO will be made, remember to type in a file name and click Save. From there you will see a progress bar, when complete you will get a little box that says the image was created successfully (we hope!).

To read an ISO click on the little Open Folder button next to the select box under the file menu. A browser window will open up, from there simply browse to the folder where your ISO is, highlight the ISO file and click Open. The contents of the ISO will be displayed in the GUI. From there you can create a file list clicking on the button labeled Make FileList (when your mouse is over it) – the file list will dump a text listing of all the files and folders contained in the ISO file. You can all extract the ISO to your hard drive by clicking the button labeled Extract All (when your mouse is over it) – if the ISO has problems or you want to copy it somewhere (like your XBox hard drive) – a browse window will open up, from there simply browse to the top level folder where you want the ISO extracted to and click OK.

Adding ISO9660 compatibility, wow what a great feature. This would allow you to read the disc in your PC drive and use them in both the XBox and on your PC, think movies, MP3s and other media like that! To do this simply click on Tools -> Add ISO9660 compatibility to XBOX ISO, a browse window will open up, browse to the ISO you want to modify and click Open, a message box will open up and tell you that the operation has been performed properly.

2.1.1 2.1.1 Command Line Options
From the README:
Command line switches (Note: The quotes must be in the parameters, and the words between % (included this) are the parameters):
§ § Open Image: xISO -o "%IMAGE%"
§ § Extract Image: xISO -e "%SOURCE_IMAGE%" -f "%TARGET_FOLDER%"
§ § Make Image: xISO -m "%TARGET_IMAGE%" -f "%SOURCE_FOLDER%"

2.1.2 2.1.2 Evaluation
Upside: Offers a lot of features including both a GUI and command line operation, ISO9660 compatibility option is a definite plus and it is legal, not made with the XBox XDK.

Downside: Know to have issues creating working ISO files, but the latest version may have better luck.

2.1.3 2.1.3 Screen Shot

2.2 2.2 ISO Toolkit (maybe referred to as XBoxISOTool) [current = 1.1]
This tool is actually multifunctional in that is can extract ISO files and it can create ISO files.

First, to extract an ISO you would simply identify the path to and the source ISO in the “Source ISO File:” box and then decide where to extract the files in the IOS to but putting the path in the “Target Directory:” text box. Now, why you ask? Say you were to download an ISO from some crazy place and wanted to see what was inside, verify is was OK, etc.; all you need to do is extract it with this handy little tool and take a look.

Second, to create an ISO is just as simply. Let’s say you just created your first homebrew game and want to check it out – in the “Content Root Directory” text box you would put in the path to the homebrew top-level directory which would become the root directory of the soon to be burned media. The “Target ISO File:” text box is simply the path where the ISO to be created will be created and the name of that ISO; a bit of advice, do not create the ISO in or under any folder where the ISO if being created, instead move it up a level or have a special place where ISOs are could cause the program to continually add itself to the ISO.

2.2.1 2.2.1 Evaluation
Upside: Great user interface and can both rip and create ISOs.

Downside: Not created with the M$ XDK therefore the XFS may not be 100% (but coming awfully damn close!)

2.2.2 2.2.2 Screen Shot

2.3 2.3 ISOx Creator [CURRENT = 0.1]
A simple program that only creates ISO files. This requires that you have the M$ Visual Basic 6 runtime files which can be a pain, but they have created an installation distribution that takes care of all that for you, if you need it; there is also a distribution that contains only the program files, if you don’t need the VB6 runtime crap.

After installing ISOx Creator, run the application, insert a volume name in the Volume Name text box, browse to the top level of the folder where your files for your image are and click the Create ISO button. You will see a command prompt window pop up during the ISO creation that displays the status of the creation; it will automatically close once the ISO creation is complete. ISOx Creator creates a file named data.iso, which is created in the directory where you installed it or ran it from.

2.3.1 2.3.1 Evaluation
Upside: Very easy to use and consistently creates working ISO files.

Downside: Requires M$ VB6 runtime libraries, is somewhat slow and performs only one function.

2.3.2 2.3.2 Screen Shot

2.4 2.4 ISO Maker [current = 1.21]
Similar to ISOx Creator in that it only performs one function, creates an ISO file but there are no VB6 runtime requirements.

Creating an ISO is easy (they made it easier with the First browse box and Second browse box), in the First box select the top level folder that contains all the files that for your ISO file, in the Second box select the folder where you want to ISO file created, in the blank text box type in a name for the ISO file and click on the MAKE button.
3. Choose a name for the ISO and click 'Make'

2.4.1 2.4.1 Evaluation
Upside: Very easy to use and consistently creates working ISO files, no VB6 runtime requirements, easy to follow GUI and is fast.

Downside: Only performs one function.

2.4.2 2.4.2 Screen Shot

The grand-pappy of them all! GDFIMAGE.EXE is a simple command line only utility that ships with the M$ XBox XDK (XBox Developers Kit, in case you missed that). Because it comes from M$ is creates perfect IOS files every time and is very easy to use.

To create and ISO first make sure that you type in the exact path to GDFIMAGE.EXE or place it somewhere in your path, type in the IOS source root (top level directory where the files for the ISO image are, use the full path to make sure there are no errors) and the target file (this is the ISO name, again use the full path to make sure there are no errors) and hit enter.

2.5.1 2.5.1 Command Line Options
Usage: GDFIMAGE [options] sourceroot targetfile

/B[file] Specifies the boot sector file
/FST Creates a file for DVD emulation rather than for DVD

2.5.2 2.5.2 Evaluation
Upside: Will create a perfect ISO every time, hands down.

Downside: Command line only, can be slow with large ISO files and is copyright protected – illegal to use unless you have a license to the XDK.

3 3 Burning the Image
Now that you have gone through the trouble to create an ISO image for your XBox you need to burn it to some media. Recommended software to use: PrimoDVD (2.0) or RecodNow Max (4.5) if you are burning to DVD and Nero if you are burning to a CD-RW.

Sorry, we can’t assist you in learning how to burn a CD/DVD, if you don’t know how learn!

Credit goes to Ed Nauseum
Old Jan 10, 2003, 07:02 PM
Jaymus Jaymus is offline
Join Date: May 2001
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oh my god, that's so much to read...........

Just get GDFImage (GUI) and find GDFImage.exe (if you can) will create perfect ISOs as it is used by MS.

Very easy to use. Point to the directory of your game, click make Image/ISO and then burn.
Old Jan 10, 2003, 07:06 PM
Alexoi Alexoi is offline
Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Posts: 1,865

Yes, Jaymus. Someone send it to me. I admit the ISO its created is perfect. It is an excellent solfware. The reason I post this tutorial is maybe someone is using other ISO software and don't know the command line and how to use. I hope this info will help.

Old Jan 10, 2003, 07:50 PM
toofan toofan is offline
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& u know where to get that great tool ..hehe

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