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Old Feb 27, 2003, 12:31 AM
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Default Ifoedit Or Ifoupdate???

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hey whats the difference between ifoedit & ifoupdate???
i understand what i can do with ifoedit but what is the purpose for
Old Feb 27, 2003, 01:37 AM
celtic_druid celtic_druid is offline
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IFOUpdate V0.69

[b]Purpose: This program was developed in support of CCE/IFOEdit method
of backing up DVDs.[/b] Please note the wording -- the tool is NOT intended
to be used as a tool for stealing copyrighted material. It is meant as
a way to LEGALLY create DVD-R backups of DVDs you have purchased.

The CCE/IFOEdit method is discussed (in a lot of detail, with also a lot
of supporting comments) here:


As originally documented the CCE/IFOEdit method involved a pretty tedious
steps in which the person creating the backup had to manually copy (using
IFOEdit) numerous parameters related to cells. IFOUpdate was created to
automate that process. In fact you will find that when using IFOUpdate, it
often isn't necessary to use IFOEdit at all.

Thanks go to DERROW for his incredibly powerful IFO editing utility IFOEDIT
and to MPUCODER for his fantastic reference site. Together they have
managed to pull a lot of the secrets of the IFO out of the darkness and into
the light.

Here is a summary of IFOUpdate's program flow:

1. It backs up the original IFO to the backup directory.

2. If the option is checked (default) IFOUpdate copies the VTS_C_ADT table
from the new file to the original.

3. If the option is checked (not default) it copies the VTS_TMAPTI and
VTS_VOBU_ADMAP tables. Please note that care should be used in using this
option, in some DVDs copying this table can cause inconsistencies. I
added it to help fix a specific problem someone else was addressing, the
tables only appear to have an effect when a DVD is played back using PC
player software. I don't personally use it. There is also a "Dump" option
in which the table pointer is simply changed to "0" so players won't
misread the data.

4. It Loops through the VTS's PGCs. It uses the PGC count in the newly created
IFO as its loop counter. That creates a situation in which only the first
1-n PGCs are copied (sometimes when you use SpruceUp you can update only
the first PGC and ignore the rest). If "Maestro" Mode is selected the first
PGC in the Newly Authored is ignored (not counted). This is meant to help
users of Maestro get past the large "everything" PGC created by default as
the first PGC. For each PGC it:

a. Warns, but doesn't stop, if the number of Chapters doesn't match -- the
new IFO's chapter count becomes the reality. While it isn't required to
make the original and newly authored chapter counts match -- it is highly
recommended they do so the "Scene Selection" menus work properly.
b. Warns, but doesn't stop, if the PGC playback times don't match. The new
IFO's playback time becomes the reality.
c. If the Color option is checked (default) it copies the PGC's color
tables. This matters if you are have subtitles in your new VOB set.
d. Changes the number of programs in the original to match the number in
the new IFO.
e. Changes the number of cells in the original to match the number in the
new IFO. Note that this means you don't have to create a newly authored
file that exactly matches the original cell mapping. You have to keep the
number of cells less-than or equal-to the original though...
f. Copies the entire set of the program map, cell playback, and cell
position tables from new to original.
g. Corrects the Cell Playback Information Table Start Byte pointer to match
the new reality.
h. Corrects the Cell Position Information Table Start Byte pointer to match
the new reality.

-- Note any hard errors cause the backed up IFO to be restored.

5. When done with all PGCs, it updates the .BUP from the new .IFO file.

6. If the "AutoCorrect VTS Sectors (When Updating)" option is checked, it
automatically goes through all the IFO files in the set pointed by the
"Original" path and corrects sector offsets (much like the "Get VTS Sectors"
button in IFOEdit).

7. If the "AutoSet Region-Free (When Updating)" option is checked, it
automatically goes through all the IFO files in the set pointed by the
"Original" path and makes changes to IFOs that have a preset command that
looks for region encoding.

8. "Adjusted Cell Mode" doesn't run steps a, b, d, and e above. Instead it
performs an ****ysis of the cell structure during it's preprocessing phases
(when you open the Original IFO) and will create an adjusted chapter list from
the "Save Chapter Files" dialog. It will then, using the same information,
redistribute the cell information (such as duplicates) to the proper PGCs
during the Update.

You can also manually perform "Correct VTS Sectors" or "Set Region Free by pushing
the button on the main program's form.

Note: When Cell Only Mode is checked ignore everything above. The program very
simply loops through all the PGCs in the new IFO and copies cell information from
the Cell Playback Tables into the next sequential Cell in the original -- it
ignores the PGC structures involved.

Remember to always check DOOM9's site ([url]***********[/url]) when you want to get
the latest version. The site also has the best video forum you will find anywhere.


Feb 15th, 2003 (v0.69)
- Fixed off-by-one error in moving VTS_C_ADT, VTS_TMAPTI and VTS_VOBU_ADMAP
tables. All previous versions failed to copy the last byte of these tables.
Hats off to bREAkDoWN for pointing out an error that had gone unnoticed and
uncorrected for a long time.

Feb 15th, 2003 (v0.68)
- Fixed bug introduced in v0.67 that incorrectly identified PGCs as dummy.

Feb 8th, 2003 (v0.67)
- Found and fixed an error in the "Adjusted Mode" table updates. This could be
causing navigational problems.

Feb 7th, 2003 (v0.66)
- Added angle indications to the graphic view. VOB Cells now say whether they
are FOA (First of Angle), MOA (Middle of Angle), or LOA (Last of Angle).
- Fixed a minor bug that made the Original file's path sometimes not get updated.
- Added an additional output file to "Adjusted Mode" for authoring with IFOEDIT

Feb 1st, 2003 (v0.65)
- Finally added code to keep track of the path for the Original, Newly
Authored, and Backup file paths so you do less directory browsing.
- Added a "Disable Warnings" switch to the Options Menu. If this is set there
are no warnings before modification to IFO files. Error message will stil
- Added command line interface so IFOUpdate can be used from a batch file. I
warn you ahead of time -- this mode sets the "Disable Warnings" flag every
time it is used. When a parameter is not provided, IFOUpdate uses previous
values in many areas (just as it did when in GUI mode) Also, all commands
are handled in the order you place them on the command line -- so for example
if you set -c after you've done a -e you may have chapters in a different
directory than you originally intended. If you execute -u the program makes
IFO updates. So it should normally be the last command in the path. If you
put it first, you may update the wrong IFO. So DON'T BLAME ME if your in-
correct command line accidentally changes a group of IFOs without any
warnings. Update follows all the "Auto" options you've set in the "Options"
menu. CLI mode follows the usage convention below and is not case sensitive:

-oifofilepath #path to the orignal IFO file
-nifofilepath #path to the newly authored IFO file
-bpath #path for backing up IFO file
-mm #Adjusted Cell Mode
#replace the second "m" with
S for standard mode
M for multiple PGC mode
A for adjusted cell mode
C for Cell Only mode
-cchappath #path in which to store chapters
-em #export chapters
#replace m with any combination of characters containing
M for "Maestro File"
P for "Maestro -- Multiple PGCs"
I for "IFOEDIT File"
C for "CCE Chapter file"
F for "CCE Chapter (FILM)"
S for "Scenarist Chapter"
D for "Semicolon Delimiter"
A for "Adjusted Mode..."
V for "VOBID Authoring Files"
X for "VOBID (Scenarist)"
-u #Update - just like clicking "Update IFO"

Jan 26, 2003 (v0.64)
- Added "Chaps for VOBID (Scenarist)" checkbox in the "Save Chapter Files"
dialog. Creates one file for each of chapters, cce, and cce-film for those
who are not happy with having to deal with individual files for each VOBID.
I plan to remove the option that creates multiple files in a later version
unless someone asks otherwise.
- Added a "Settings" Menu item. Added "Save Current Size an Position" so the
program will remember the size you've chosen

Jan 25, 2003 (v0.63)
- The main program window has been made sizeable so you can stretch it and more
easily read the text (per request from "fourtyfour")
- Implemented "Chapters for VOB Authoring" checkbox in the "Save Chapter Files"
dialog. Please note that this output will examine your choice of the "Ignore
Angles" option. In the event you've decided to ignore angles, the VOBID
Chapter files will not be created for them. That way you can see which VOBIDs
contained the angles (other than the first of course). Make sure that if using
this method, you also use the "Ignore Angles" when reassembling your newly
authored file. That way the additional "Angles" sectors will be repointed and
playback will be identical no matter which angle is selected (during playback).
Be careful in trying to recreate angled movies without "Ignore Angles" enabled.
In order to do that you MUST reauthor them exactly as the original (angled)
or they may not play back correctly (the cells need to be interleaved).

Jan 21, 2003 (v0.62)
- Enabled copying Color tables and Audio/Subpicture tables in "Adjusted Cell"
mode. Please note that if the number of PGCs in the newly authored IFO is
less than the original (e.g. only one), the last found newly authored PGC's
tables will be repeated in all the original's remaining PGCs.
- Created a new "Ignore Angle Cells (Adjusted Cell Mode)" option. It works for
"Adjusted Cell" mode only. When checked it makes the assumption that you
the author have split the PGCs out and removed angles. The original file will
be updated in a manner that makes the same angle play (the one kept) regardless
of the one chosen through menu actions.
- Created a new "Graphically Display IFO Layout" option under the "File" menu.
This graphic is the beginning of what should become a more useful ****ysis tool.

Jan 17, 2003 (v0.60)
- Found and fixed two bugs in the "Adjusted Cell" mode. Thanks Eyes' Only!!

Jan 15, 2003 (v0.59)
- Implemented a new "Adjusted Cell" mode. This mode is designed to act as a way
to backup DVDs that have duplicated cell addresses across PGCs. It also fixes
problems associated with cells that are not played back linearly when using
Maestro as your authoring tool. Using this mode/method eliminates duplicated
video/audio references that often occur when using tools that break PGCs out
individually before reencoding. By using "Adjusted Cell" you can even backup
a multiple PGC film using simple (non multiple PGC) authoring tools such as
SpruceUp -- and you don't have to worry about breaking out PGCs before encoding.
- Enabled the use of "Autocorrect VTS Sectors" and "Autoset Region Free" when
using "Cell Only".
- Fixed error in frame computation for CCE chapter files using FILM (don't know
how I missed this one in the past -- it was completely wrong).
- Made the text of the "README" available via the help menu.

Jan 3, 2003 (v0.58)
- Corrected error in "Set Region Free" code in which region checks for menus
within VTS's were not being disabled properly.

Nov 17, 2002 (v0.57)
- New support for authoring with IFOEDIT. Added a checkbox under "Save Chapter
Files" that will create a "CellTimes.txt" file for use in IFOEDIT. Unlike the
one created in IFOEDIT, this one matches the chapter structure rather than
the cell structure.
- Added a checkbox (probably temporary) for pre-correcting chapter offsets used
in IFOEDIT. When authoring an NTSC disc that has RFF flags set (e.g created
with PULLDOWN.EXE) IFOEDIT seems to ignore the additional frames created by
the RFF and incorrectly interprets the "CellTimes.txt" file. Setting this
option skews the frame pointers of the file written to correct for this.
- Adjusted "Correct VTS Sectors" for situations in which there is no _0.VOB file
- Finally gave the program its own icon.

Nov 3, 2002 (v0.56)
- Added code for setting region free as a part of IFOUpdate. Also added an option
to automatically set region-Free during an update. The button works similar to
IFOEDIT's "Region Free" button, except it automatically loops through all IFOs
in the original IFO's path and corrects. You must know your player's region
number and will be prompted for it when you click this button. The region number
is stored in the IFO file. If you set the "AutoSet Region Free" option it will
use the value stored in the INI file.

Oct 27, 2002 (v0.56)
- Added a checkbox in the "Save Chapter Files" dialog so a semicolon can be
used to delimit frames in the chapter file (apparently a way of indicating
drop frame) -- eliminates the "frame rate mismatch" error in Maestro when
importing the chapter file.
- Fixed the "Runtime Error 52" error when the original filename path points to
a drive that is nonexistent or has no media loaded.

Oct 12, 2002 (v0.55)
- Added logic in the "Automatically ****yze Original IFO" option that identifies
Dummy PGCs and automates their handling. Now, when recreating the VTS with
this option on, you simply ignore the fact that they exist. IFOUpdate will leave
them intact (skip over them) in the original IFO as it copies information from
the newly created IFO file. To compensate, the author simply creates a new VOB
set that contains only the non-dummy PGCs in proper order. Example:

Original IFO Newly Created IFO Updated Original
PGC1------------------> PGC1 ---------------> PGC1
PGC2 (dummy) +-----> PGC2 --------+ PGC2 (dummy)
PGC3 (dummy) | +--> PGC3 -----+ | PGC3 (dummy)
PGC4------------+ | | +------> PGC4
PGC5---------------+ +---------> PGC5

Oct 10, 2002 (v0.55)
- Added INI support for the "Copy Audio and Subpicture Tables" option as requested
by Eyes' Only. Option state is now saved when clicked and remains persistent
between sessions.

Oct 6, 2002 (v0.54):
- Fixed the "Runtime error '9': subscript out of range" error that occurred when
the program encountered a PGC that has 0 chapters and 0 cells associated with

Sept 29, 2002 (v0.53):
- Made significant changes to the DVDMaestro MultiPGC chapter and CCE file
saving routines. It should now correctly set chapters for those instances
where the PGCs are not stored in the proper order in the VOB file. As this
makes it a little more difficult to know which chapter goes with what PGC,
a new file is now generated ("MULTIPGC-DVDMAESTRO-README.TXT") that tells
you which chapters to assign to each Playlist (PGC).

Sept 28, 2002 (v0.52):
- Added "Offset" option when saving chapters. This will add the time/frame offset
specified to all chapter information written.
- Corrected chapter readout for multiple angle DVDs
- Changed the CCE "chapter" (force I-Frame) output to force at every cell rather
than every chapter. That will help support those who are trying to recreate
an exact cell structure to match the original muliple angle DVD. It shouldn't
hurt other methods, since all chapters begin on a cell boundary.

Sept 22, 2002 (v0.51):
- Fixed bug that prevented to chapters from being written properly.

Sept 21, 2002 (v0.50):
- Made a quick change so that the multiple PGC Maestro option under "Save
Chapter Files" also writes corresponding CCE frame files (FILM and STANDARD).

Sept 21, 2002 (v0.49):
- Added "Automatically ****yze Original IFO" under "Options" menu. It will:
- Collect and display the number of PGCs in the IFO
- Display IFO Video Attributes (size, aspect ratio)
- Display IFO Audio Attributes (stream count and types)
- Shows Subpicture Attributes
- Collects chapter information and displays it for all PGCs
- Added "Save Chapter Files" to the "Files" menu.
- Opens a dialog that allows you to create files for use in authoring
- Creates a special version of a .CHP file for MAESTRO
-- Used with the "Maestro Mode" it simplifies creating multiple PGCs
- Note: You must set "Automatically ****yze Original IFO" to enable option
- To do: Need to develop a users manual. The program's features have grown

Sept 15, 2002 (v0.48):
- Added "Modes" menu
-- Moved "Cell Only" Mode option from "Options" to "Modes"
-- Added "Maestro" Mode -- discards the first PGC of the newly authored file
when transferring (the "Entire stream" PGC Maestro creates)
-- Created "Standard" Mode -- resets back to normal from other modes

July 30, 2002 (v0.47):
- Modified so option to copy Audio and Subtitle tables is now the default

July 17, 2002:
- Fixed a bug for the condition where VTSM_VOBS is equal to 0
- Added an option to copy the Audio and Subtitle tables from new to original IFO

July 8, 2002:
- Discovered a silly "type mismatch" error - fixed it
- Added additional sector checks to the "Correct VTS Sectors" to make it closer
match the "Get VTS Sector" checks. I noticed that even though it shouldn't
happen, the values of VMGM_VOBS, VTSM_VOBS, and VTSTT_VOBS sometimes would be
incorrect after a copy from the DVD. At any rate they get corrected now.

April 10th, 2002:
- First version uploaded to DOOM9.
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