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Old Oct 20, 2002, 08:54 AM
edmond edmond is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: aylesbury
Posts: 378
Unhappy how do i download video files with mirc??

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how do i download video files with mirc
i have been using kazza now im looking to use other file
sharing software, i have read that mirc is one of the best
but im having problems using it,
it is not as easy as kazza, wondered if anyone could give me any help,
or advice,
any help at all would be great.
Old Oct 20, 2002, 10:24 AM
memorxuk memorxuk is offline
Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: London, England
Posts: 752

Yo Edmond,

It's a little tricky when first using... best if you ask someone in one of the channels on Mirc for help. Once you get to know it, it should be straight forward.
Old Oct 20, 2002, 01:25 PM
r1chuk r1chuk is offline
Join Date: Mar 2001
Posts: 501

try this tutorial from packetnews, i found it a great help to using the bots on mirc for downloads;


here you use the search engine to find the goodies and by clicking on the channel name takes you directly into THAT channel where the BOT(explained later) is serving the files if you have MIRC installed.

XDCC bots are mostly really bots. You will get no reply from them if you ask questions like "help why doesn't it work". The bots will only respond to specific commands which I'll explain below.

XDCC bots just sit in the channel and run their ads on a timer.
A typical XDCC ad looks like this:

<[w]XDCC047> ** 2 packs ** 3 of 5 slots open, Min: 10.0KB/s, Record: 177.4KB/s
<[w]XDCC047> ** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 120.0KB/s, Record: 178.0KB/s
<[w]XDCC047> ** To request a file type: "/msg [w]XDCC047 xdcc send #x" **
<[w]XDCC047> #1 1x [411M] 08.12.02.Dino_Crisis_II_PROPER-FLT
<[w]XDCC047> #2 1x [283M] 08.08.02.Space_HoRSE-Razor1911
<[w]XDCC047> ** Brought to you by #Warez **
<[w]XDCC047> Total Offered: 694.6 MB Total Transferred: 776.53 MB

I'll explain step by step what all this means.

<[w]XDCC047> ** 2 packs ** 3 of 5 slots open, Min: 10.0KB/s, Record: 177.4KB/s
<[w]XDCC047> ** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 120.0KB/s, Record: 178.0KB/s

** 2 packs ** >> This means there are two packs available. Packs are the files you can get from the XDCC server.
3 of 5 slots open >> This simply means there is a maximum of 5 sends of which there are 3 places available. If all send slots are used you might be placed in a queue depending on the bot settings. This means the bot will send you the pack when a send slot becomes available.
Min: 10.0KB/s >> This means the transfer will be cancelled if the average speed is below 10KB/s

<[w]XDCC047> ** To request a file type: "/msg [w]XDCC047 xdcc send #x" **

Well this line speaks for itself. Remember the pack number you would like to retreive and say

"/msg [w]XDCC047 xdcc send #packnumber" in mirc.

Example, If you want pack number 1 type this in mirc:

/msg [w]XDCC047 xdcc send #1

This command tells mirc to send the message "xdcc send #1" to the bot named [w]XDCC047, the bot should tell you what it's going to do (send you the pack or place you in the queue)

<[w]XDCC047> #1 1x [411M] 08.12.02.Dino_Crisis_II_PROPER-FLT
<[w]XDCC047> #2 1x [283M] 08.08.02.Space_HoRSE-Razor1911

These are the available packs with their number. Dino Crisis is here pack number 1 and Space horse number 2.

The lines remaining are just the credit line and another stats line.
If you have a pack queued and you dont want it anymore you can remove it from the queue. To do this type the following in mIRC:

/msg [w]XDCC047 xdcc remove

This will tell mirc to send the message "xdcc remove" to the nick [w]XDCC047. The bot named [w]XDCC047 will now remove your queues.

If you don't want to wait for the timered ads to show up in the channel you can also command the bot to send the packet list to you in private. This is also really easy to do. Just type this in mIRC.

/msg [w]XDCC047 xdcc list

Once the message is received by the bot it will privately send you it's packet list.

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