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Old Feb 06, 2003, 12:33 PM
WildNeg WildNeg is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
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Exclamation PS2 / Some Standalone DVD Player / Playback Problems

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Well, I am having so many problems. I have a Pioneer DVR-104 (Black) DVD Recorder I bought online. It burns fine and I can burn with just about all the software you list here. I have had lots of problems using Nero burning to a DVD-R and having it playback on DVD players. I had the same problem with Primo. I found out if I use DVD Decrypter, it would play on more DVD players then others.

What is really confusing me, is my friend gets these movies on DVD-R from his friend which play on ANY DVD player I have ever tried. No skips, always has audio, etc. No problems what so ever. If I make exact copies on to my DVD-Rs, works fine on anyones DVD players even PS2, just like his. But if I author a video from scratch (.AVI -> MPEG2 -> DVD-R), I have problems. Only works on half, some it works on will skip and sometimes no audio, etc.

I read from DVD2DVDR.COM, not to use IFOEdit. Well, I am using SpruceUP now and it appears to be more compatable with DVD players. But NOW, it plays on PS2 but is skippy. Just jerks around a bit. I have tried 3 different media, ranging from Fujifilm DVD-Rs from Best Buy that where $3.78 a peice, Vertibram which where $3.20, and even $0.89 ones I bought online. None seem to work. All seem to have the same problem.

I let a few friends borrow a couple movies to see, and again, the original guy who makes them, his work on anybodys. The copies I make run on anybodies. But the movies I author from scartch, do not. Could it be encoding problems? Perhaps I am having the bit rate to high or something? I'm encoding in 44,000Hz Audio, and using bitrate calculator to calculate the bit rate. I was using TMPGEnc and using the wizard to do the output of Audio/Video. I would just select the DVD / NTSC, select all the defaults basically and let it encode. Once I get my output audio and video, I go into SpruceUP and import them. I have it auto play and thats it! I then burn and I get that problem I described. But making copies of anyone else's movie, works fine.

Also, when I have tried to copy a DVD to my hard drive, then encode it to fit on a DVD-R, again, I would get that skippy motion. Tried it with Blade 2 and for some reason, on the PS2, its jerky. Also on my buddies older DVD player. It plays, but just skippy. But that same copy works fine on both my 2 year old samsung and 6 month old Apex. Any ideas? Please anyone if they can help, please. I have been at this for 2 months and wasted lots of money on DVD-Rs trying everything possible. Thanks!

--- Kevin P
--- [email][/email]
--- (877) 879-4254
Old Feb 06, 2003, 01:10 PM
Xtreme2003 Xtreme2003 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: arround
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converting AUDIO_TS - VIDEO_TS into IMGfiles could solve this
burn whit dvd-decryptor/primo

if you use Ifoedit.. covert the files
use IMGtools,get back if you have a better result aight!
Old Feb 06, 2003, 01:27 PM
WildNeg WildNeg is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
Posts: 8


Actually, I have tried that as well. I was told by a few people NOT to use IFOEdit at all. But when I was using it, I would do a Auth New DVD, let it convert, then close. Then I reopen IFOEdit and use IMGTools (File/Create Image). Thats how I was doing it. Still same thing.

Now that I was trying SpruceUP, I do the same thing. I write to 'Image Disk', and still do it this way so I can just open via DVD Decryptor and try it.

The good copies that the other guy makes on his machines, when I rip them to the hard drive, I again, make them into ISO files. They are exact rips. Work fine as well. So has to be something to do with converting I THINK. Not to sure. Anyone have any other ideas?
Old Feb 07, 2003, 07:00 AM
WildNeg WildNeg is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
Posts: 8


Well, if anyone really cares and keeping up with this post, I will give some feed back to some things I found out last night.

One of the movies I encoded that had problems was My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It would skip in my friend's DVD player and my brothers PS2. I went in and took only 20 minutes of the video and encoded it again but at a lot less of a bitrate. It was encoded using somewhere like 3800 KBits, so I toned it down to the bare minimum that TMPEGEnc would allow, which was 2000. I burned it and it ran just fine on all 5 DVD players.

I'm re-encoding Blade as I type this at home. When I get home from work today I should know if it works or not. I will keep everyone posted! Also got a email from Mike saying he had such problems. He suggested Flask which I will try as well! Thanks again everyone.

Also, where can I purchase the best DVD-R blank media for my Pioneer 104? These would be those 'DataWrite Yellow Tops' everyone talks about? I'm located in the United States. Thanks.

-- Kevin (

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